Bubba Wallace overwhelmed with emotion after making NASCAR history (VIDEO)

Bubba Wallace overwhelmed with emotion after making NASCAR history (VIDEO)
Image from: FOX Sports

"My family pushes me each and every day... they might not even know it, but I just want to make them proud."

-- Bubba Wallace at Daytona International Speedway

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  1. Would love to see that 43 in victory lane. If you don’t love Richard Petty you are not a NASCAR fan. This kid did a great job today.

  2. One of the very few drivers to show real emotion on their struggle to get to the top. Daddy didn’t buy him a ride. Love love love him.

  3. What a quote from the kid ....
    “2nd is horrible but it’s still a good day”
    Congrats kid..... your future is bright

  4. Great job, Bubba. You drove an excellent race. You are an excellent role model to all kids, not just African Americans. Kids need to see you can work hard and be what you want to be. They can learn not to let ignorance or circumstance keep them from their goals. They can reach for the stars and reach them. Keep up the good work! The Ellis boys in NC are behind you.

  5. This was the absolute worst broadcast of a NASCAR race I've ever seen. You missed nearly every pit session and other exciting event in the race due to the idiotic side by side commercials then switching to full screen commercials 2 laps after the side by side crap. SMH

  6. Never been a big fan of nascar but it was hard watching to without dale Earnhardt! I hope bowman can finally bring the 88 car to victory lane!

  7. So proud of him. He did great. Praying for a blessed race season.

  8. Something just feels right about seeing a 3 and a 43 in contention.

  9. Congratulations on finishing second Bubba and hope you have a successful career!

  10. It was a man who did a great job and shared a special moment with his mom.

  11. Truly hope that bubba becomes a very successful driver.

  12. Bubba you ran an AWSOME race. You did great!! Proud of ya!!

  13. Great job Bubba!!!! Thx for being real!! Don't change!!

  14. Of course a guy named Bubba won the Daytona 500

  15. Love this guy! I watched an interview he did before the race and you could tell he loved to race.

  16. Bubba is who I’m rooting for James Worrix. Seems like a really nice young man!

  17. Just a note how many people said same thing about Trevor Blayne?

  18. He ran a great race and I hope he gets some wins this season!🏎🏁🇺🇸

  19. Good bye snowflakes. Unlike most of you I have work to do

  20. He is going to have a great career

  21. He's Upset Lebron And Steph Curry Will Still Get Invited To The White House Over Him. 😂😂😅

  22. Kid ran an awesome race. Great future ahead.

  23. Says that's Darrell Wallace Jr

  24. Congrats bubba Wallace nice run

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