Bron Behind-the-Back Nutmeg and Bucket

Bron Behind-the-Back Nutmeg and Bucket

Bron Behind-the-Back Nutmeg and Bucket

Posted by Bleacher Report March 2, 2018, 1:43 a.m.

How you do that, LeBron James?!?!

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  1. Why am I such a LeBron hater? I cannot stand the guy. Off of the court great guy. But I get this rage every time I see his face. I'm going to try to be better.

  2. Boooooy Shannon sharp about to deep throat this to death on Undisputed tomorrow 😂

  3. One explanation he got lucky. For all the turnovers he makes he is bound to make a lucky move Eventually

  4. Meanwhile haters who don’t know the game are still saying James Harden traveled last night 😴 (its called a pivot foot) ✌️

  5. Cue all the LeBron haters "that was just lucky!! He still sucks!!!" 😑

  6. LeBron just does everything better that's all. The league has never seen this type of player. He's in his own category

  7. Lavar ball saying we do that here in Lithuania all the time😂

  8. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Lakers have been low key putting up some decent play (including Lonzo) since the All Star break

  9. The equilibrium of the basketball combined with the angle at which his body was contorted at the moment of dribble is the same way in which an eagle starts it's descent and sours down to catch it's prey in the middle of the night with 17 mphs of upward draft. My science teacher taught us this and it can be easily replicated by simply not reading this cuz I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about

  10. Freak luck lol wasn’t even intending on that and you all know it.

  11. Now can this “break the internet “ unlike what Harden did last night? I’m not even a huge LeBron fan and this probably wasn’t on purpose but that was dope!

  12. Erik awesome move, I've done it before, but I've never put it through my guys who setting the screens legs... that was pure luck.. but really awesome.

  13. Oh yeah he totally planned it! Like the old school “nothing but net” commercials. Come on... lol awesome play though but let’s be realistic..

  14. LeBron fans are saying right now that he meant to do that 😂😂 i mean he was like im going to go behind my back between Thompson legs and make this lay up

  15. got lucky... He was not meaning to go through his legs considering they were closed when he started the move. Still amazing but really...

  16. That was way he could have know that 13 was going to shuffle sideways so kinda lucky but you gotta be lucky to be good.

  17. Demanuel they gonna act like he meant to put it between TT’s legs 😂 Lehelp tried to a behind the back dribble but it went too wide

  18. This is gon' be number one for today's top10. coz this is Bron. Even his transition tomahawks always included in top10. Coz this is Bron. :)

  19. Jena...just figured you of all people should see greatness in the rarest form. 👀

  20. That’s remind of me in jv at panorama hs for winter tournament that way he did the lay up like that . Erica Valle

  21. R u kidding me? That was so lucky!! He did not mean to put it through Thompsons legs lol STFU people

  22. I've seen players split double teams before. He got really lucky it's really not that big of a deal.

  23. Drew Lawrence Ethan Scholz Patrick Vallance what is this wizardry!? The old screen/nutmeg/behind-the-back type setup

  24. Julio Cabrera Joshua White nahhhhh son he bugged out w this one 🤦🏽‍♂️ his behind the back went thru thompsons legs boy 🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. *When you send that risky text and she responds*

  26. I doubt he was actually trying to do this, but that’s crazy lol
    Phil Ciraulo, Steve Carroll, Larry Truscello

  27. Never thought I'll see the day.. And it happens, he still sucks tho

  28. KD had more than one social media account for god knows how long, this is nothing

  29. Lemme guess he the goat now bronsexuals ?😂😂😂😂 sad

  30. Lebron haters be like it was all “luck”, that’s just skill

  31. More impressive than what Harden did last night

  32. Behind the back between the legs of Tristan Thompson by LeBron James 😱

  33. Don’t let this distract you from the fact he has a receding hairline .

  34. Still dope, even though probably an accident... too risky

  35. Totally unintentional, but amazing nonetheless...

  36. Nick Wright just creamed his pants

  37. James harden makes and amazing play.. Hold my beer!

  38. What about the 4 steps he took?

  39. Guess that chick at Fox News was right. He can dribble!!

  40. Bentley Archer Brian scalabrine is still better than lebron

  41. Jarek Liang lil lucky but harden, now lbj, show me something Kyrie

  42. If it was Irving or curry I'd believe it was on purpose..

  43. Not a LeBum fan but that was an awesome play! Definitely one of the top NBA highlights of the year.

  44. I hate Lebron but that’s sick.

  45. How do you do that? Making a mistake and getting incredibly lucky. Can y'all not see the video or...?

  46. LeBron haters acting like he owes them money lol 😂! Get a grip

  47. Its funny all the people on here taking time to hate.

  48. Lebron saw Harden and Kyrie last night and couldn't let them outshine him

  49. Might be the greatest dribble move I've ever seen..

  50. Mitchell Allen he definitely didn’t mean to nutmeg Tristan but that’s pretty slick 😂

  51. Shannon gonna be like, "y'all ever see MJ do something like this? NOOOOOOO. LJ the 🐐"

  52. This was harder than Thompson’s 💪🏾 Jack Bili

  53. He his . his on worst enemy.. Jumping ship to ship for a ring. What about brother hood. Comments to your squad. . we fight together we die together

  54. What? Get away with traveling all the time?

  55. Nick Wright jerking off to this on repeat! 😂😂😂 Seriously, great play tho.

  56. Lbj fan or not. 99 times out of 100 that wouldn't have worked. Complete luck

  57. Awesome move but he couldn't of done that again if he tried lol

  58. That is probably the coldest behind the back ever!

    Warriors in 4 😂

  59. Juan Correa dude!! I thought I was tripping at first cuz!

  60. I love Lebron but going in between Thompson’s legs was not intentional

  61. Hahaha..... on accident, he's lucky that wasn't a turnover

  62. Scott doin his future teammates dirty

  63. i thought harden's move was sick but today james finessin sick and im a celtic fan!

  64. “It’s because he’s the best player in the world” no. it’s because he’s the luckiest player in the world 😂