Britain Gives Russia 'Until Midnight' To Explain Use Of Nerve Gas

Britain Gives Russia 'Until Midnight' To Explain Use Of Nerve Gas

"The use of this nerve agent would represent the first use of nerve agents on the continent of Europe since the Second World War," said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Intero Articolo: NPR


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  1. Dear Trump - this is how you stand up to Putin. Teresa May has a bigger set than you.

  2. US Secretary of State speaks out against Russia's actions. President Trump *immediately* fires him.

  3. Honestly, this whole thing looks like an attempt to dismantle NATO:

    - Putin orders a chemical attack on the UK that would obviously be traced back to Russia
    - Theresa May announces that the Russians were responsible and informs Tillerson, implying that there would be an Article 5 invocation
    - Trump gives Tillerson the boot because he hasn't been as pro-Russia as he and Putin hoped
    - May invokes Article 5, and Trump announces that the U.S. will not take part in whatever reaction the UK asks for
    - NATO is effectively neutered.

  4. A country thats doing something about Russian aggression... Imagine that

  5. Trump is going to sanction Britain if they aren’t careful.

  6. If Putin can smuggle nerve gas in to Britain, it can get it here too. We have a President who is a simpleton, vindictive and will do anything to keep from doing the right thing and resigning. He will start a war just to keep his affairs off the front pages.

  7. This just in: The President of the United States has apparently announced that he’s firing England’s Prime Minister. (/s)

  8. Or what? They should grab the next person who ventures from the Russian embassy and execute them in front of it. That would get Putin's attention. Talk and vacant threats won't.

  9. It's a good thing we have a fully involved and competent diplomatic corps to navigate this situation.
    Oh wait, nevermind.

  10. Kudos to the Brits...the Tweeter is too chicken to call out the Russians although Congress voted to have sanctions & Tweeter signed them...He is committing not doing so!

  11. London is ground zero for cloak and dagger spying between nations - after literally ignoring blatant murders for a decade, it is nice to see England finally taking action.

  12. At least they are holding Russia accountable, unlike our treasonous liar in thief!

  13. Or what??? I’m sure Putin is shaking in his boots. I doubt he is afraid of Theresa May. Unfortunately, this will likely just be another thing Putin gets away with. I hope I’m wrong...but Russia tends to do as they please with zero consequences.

  14. Well, since the authoritarians of the West only believe in expedient, temporary partnerships and not enduring alliances, any single country will only be able to complain in vain against Putin.

  15. Yes, hold Russia accountable, if this is true, and Will the UK also face their war and imperialistic atrocities?!?!?!?!?!? Will the USA clean up the dioxin used in agent orange that is still poising Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia? Just asking......

  16. Somebody thought this was funny. That is as disturbing as the article. It is a dangerous precedent Russia is setting.

  17. I hope the British, EU, and NATO response is strong and resolute. Unfortunately, bullies only respond when getting their nose bloodied. I hope they understand this and act appropriately.

  18. I love this. Under Obama all the liberals didn’t want to be involved in any conflict. Iraq, Benghazi, Afghanistan and so on.
    Now they are all about wanting the US to go to war with Russia, just because they have anti Trump fever!

  19. Explain? Really, I can’t wait for it...lemme see...I didn’t do it, the Americans did it to make me look bad..?

  20. Examine closely the events that led to war in Ukraine and find the truth of who is and is not. Long live Givi and Motorola.

  21. I find it upsetting that the Trump family has access to America's most sensitive the way,what is so evil about the JFK info that the people can't know.?but the Trump clan can?

  22. Dearest Russia,

    Please tell us about the secret murder plot that you orchestrated by midnight tonight.

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  23. Ironic how a country run by a former KGB agent is now manipulating the party that once pushed McCarthyism.

  24. So, CIA Director taking over as US Secretary of State, UK and Russia escalating tensions... let’s play “Countdown to WW3!!” 🤮🤮🤮

  25. Every NATO member should immediately ban all trade with Russia and deport their diplomats.

  26. "commensurate but robust" a sternly worded memo?

  27. Meanwhile, in other news, Tillerson was fired this AM, within 24 hours of making a statement attributing the origin of a poison used on an ex-spy in Britain to Russia, and other comments critical of Russia/the Kremlin.

  28. Britain is not "on the continent of Europe". Boris doesn't own a map.

  29. So what happens after midnight without an explanation? Or did I miss something in the article?

  30. Go UK! It is obvious Putin’s BFF here is firing anyone who has a backbone or cares about freedom.

  31. You mean Russia is not to be a trusted Ally? Who knew? (between the bluster of the UK and the inaction off what appears to be a compromised US, they're kind of free to do act with impunity)

  32. Then what, declare war on russia??? Russis could wipe out great britain with one bomb in less than 8 minutes.

  33. Well, this is certainly a scary, attention-getting headline. Sadly, after recent lazy "reporting" by NPR, there's no way to tell if there's any real substance behind it. I'm certainly not claiming it's fake, but I'm going to confirm with a trustworthy source before I get too concerned.

  34. Putin remind's me of LittleFinger from Game of Thrones; a lot of subterfuge and misdirection. He's sowing fear, confusion, and division among his frenemies on the geopolitical stage, all in furthurance of destabilizing the established pecking order and seizing any opportunities that might thereby arise. I wonder what his endgame is?

  35. Oh Donald, you’re time is almost over... looking quite Stormy! LOL

  36. Vlad is saying, Or else, what exactly?

  37. This is not true. If it were, Trump would have condemned it. yes siree bob

  38. Britain already gave Russia a way out. Just say some of your stockpile was stolen.

  39. Or what??
    Lol wtf is Theresa May gonna do?

  40. Tick tock! And then your blood money will be taken away

  41. I guess she is going to take off the Cinderella charm, so Putin will no longer have on his fancy ball gown.

  42. or else is implied, but just what will happen then??

  43. Trumps gives them til 11pm or any time Putin is ready to play nice.

  44. Go on ahead, Britain. You have the entire European Union behind y.... Oh wait. 🤔

  45. What's there to explain? What explanation could possibly be justified?

  46. Well, Don, how you gonna back our ally?

  47. What happens if Russia doesn't come clean by midnight?

  48. I’m glad someone is standing up to Russia!

  49. Closing the embassy is the first move in war.

  50. Now this is how you deal with foreign aggression.... Pay attention tRump!

  51. however president dennison will keep an open mind on the subject.

  52. I’m sure Putin will blame Jews and Ukrainians. The US president will be happy to believe him.

  53. Who stands to make huge profits if we go to war with Russia?

  54. Well, thank goodness that our country's leadership has nothing to do with the Russians...oh wait, they do.

    I am rather curious to see how the Trump administration spins this whole story. I am sure that by the time they are done, they'll be touting how the Russians had nothing to do with it and it is clearly a fake news story meant to undermine world peace.

  55. The Brits leading by example.
    The USA no longer leading, putin must be giddy.

  56. Kick all Russian embassy personnel out of the country. You are at war

  57. Bravo, Ms.May, now let's see what happens.

  58. Yeah, I'm sure Putin is taking that deadline super seriously.

  59. 🚩🚩🚩No more russian oil deal, no more Rex Tillerson. As we predicted.🚩🚩🚩


  60. Britian is three years away from being annexed by Russia so this is not a threat

  61. Try Putin in absentia and arrest him the second he leaves his country.

  62. And then what? Britain will be "very concerned"?

  63. Crazy stuff.
    PS : Europe is not a continent.

  64. ... and Putin rolls his eyes as he chuckles to himself.

  65. We do not know Moose and Squirrel.

  66. Does anyone know why Putin fired Rex Tillerson?

  67. Pipe down Britain its not 1850 anymore.