Big Changes Are Coming In DUUUUUVAL

Big Changes Are Coming In DUUUUUVAL
Image from: NFL

What will the new Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms + helmets look like?

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  1. The helmet is one of my favorites in the league, why change again? It's not gonna improve team performance lol.

  2. Steelers blew a great year- jags can’t and won’t beat Pitt again. Doubt they win their division

  3. Anybody that actually likes the current helmet is obviously on drugs.

  4. "we finally have enough bandwagon fans to actually try to sell all the tickets in our stadium because until now our life long fans never wanted to come to the games"

  5. Smart, balanced, innovative design re-dos and tweaks are needed for nearly every team. The NFL can’t seem to let go of outlines and stripes around everything.

  6. They’re an #NFL team. There shouldn’t be black tarps covering sections. PR is not doing their job if they can’t promote Upper Level tickets for cheaper pricing to fans!! I love #Jaguars getting rid of their current brand disaster; hope #Nike reverts back to their past-Tom #Coughlin era. The old logo was fierce and made more statement.

  7. The helmet has just always looked awkward with a split in color right down the middle, and the jerseys were just ok, didnt love the shoulders

  8. Ya, those helmets were a discrace, not that they are winning, they need to be wearing something sleek and professional, Should be modeled after a jaguar / their defence, sleek, fast looking

  9. Any good design has a focal point to design around. The problem with many of the league re-dos is too many focal points in a uniform design

  10. The Jaguar uniforms were actually not that bad, especially the white ones. The helmets look ok once you get used to them.

  11. So this will be their 4th uniform change in 10 years? Maybe they should carry out more research before releasing them.

  12. Yes! I can’t wait to spend hundreds replacing my now outdated jerseys!

  13. I think they look pretty cool now. Unless thry are going to add a carbon fiber design to helmet/uniform like some college teams have

  14. They've got some of the best uniforms. An all black helmet is all they need.

  15. Can one of those changes be “NOT blowing a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter of the AFC title game”?

  16. The Helmet was horrible guys. The uni was fine. Should have gone black helmet gold facemask.

  17. I’m not a jags fan. But I still think they have a top 5 helmet in the league

  18. Theyre changing their look up alot. I guess the owners got the 💲💲

  19. They better keep that logo. Best logo in the game by far

  20. The Jaguars are becoming the Ducks... haha

  21. The two-tone helmets are awful.

  22. Thank god. The uniforms and the helmet color scheme were absolutely terrible.

  23. Not a jags fan, but these would be sweet

  24. Good god their uniforms change every few years. Funny their team can't be that consistent

  25. Don't worry, this article doesn't have any clue as to what they will look like.

  26. They’re going to use the playoffs money to finally finish the helmets.

  27. Who ever thought the 2-tone looked good???

  28. Love the current helmets. Best in the league.

  29. They go through uniforms like a baby goes through diapers.

  30. Just get rid of those awful two toned helmets.looks the the ran out paint.

  31. Throwback. With teal jerseys and black helmets.

  32. The current logo is cool, but the half matte black helmet is goofy

  33. I love the black and gold helmet.

  34. Julian JB again? Oh well bow im hyped up again cant wait bro

  35. Edmund Johnson what are you guys the Oregon of the NFL?!?!

  36. Josh Linn changing the jerseys again

  37. The current jags uniform are one of the few that are unique why change again?

  38. They just changed their helmets wtf

  39. Just change the helmets back to black and the Home jersey to teal no need for anything crazy

  40. Can't be worse than when the Browns did it. 😁 😁

  41. Great decision! Maybe they’ll finish painting the helmet finally. Worst in the league.

  42. Can't look worse than the crap they're wearing now... 😂😂😂

  43. Could it be called the Jacksonville JOHN CENAS? Lol jk.

  44. They are fine how they are! I thought they looked cool except for those horrid mustard color rush uniforms!

  45. I’m not a fan of theirs but the colors of their uniforms are nice like they are. Hope they don’t mess it up.