Ben Carson’s HUD, Planning Cuts, Spends $31,000 on Dining Set for His Office

Ben Carson’s HUD, Planning Cuts, Spends $31,000 on Dining Set for His Office
Image from: The New York Times

The $31,000 purchase for Ben Carson's office came as the White House planned to slash HUD’s programs for the homeless, elderly and poor.

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  1. Big deal. Remember when Obama put Dijon mustard on his burger? Why isn't the NYT investigating that??

  2. Is there anyone in the current administration or the government in general, at any level, that has even the slightest sense of ethics and morality

  3. Entire administration is nothing but a bunch of grifters looking to line their pockets at America's expense

  4. "Department officials did not request approval from the House or Senate Appropriations Committees for the expenditure of $31,561, even though federal law requires congressional approval “to furnish or redecorate the office of a department head” if the cost exceeds $5,000."

    "About a month before it was ordered, Helen G. Foster, a former top HUD official, filed a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel, a federal whistle-blower agency, claiming that she had been demoted and transferred after resisting Mrs. Carson’s attempts to get around the $5,000 redecoration law."

    Lock him up! The corruption in this administration is astounding.

  5. Well since the GOP Congress refuses to provide any real oversight over these grifting cabinet members, the only answer is to toss the GOP Congress out.

  6. The Swamp seems pretty filled to me.

  7. OMG. Go to IKEA or the thrift store like the rest of us.

  8. This has to stop...extravagant purchases , first class flights this is not draining the swamp it’s stealing from American taxpayers and must be stopped!!!!!!

  9. This whole administration seems to feel entitled to live large on the taxpayer’s dime while slashing social benefits. Bunch of crooks!

  10. This administration has no shame. November is coming up quick! Take back the House.

  11. There is something seriously wrong with our country--and especially with the Republicans who make no attempt to hide their fascism, incompetence and corruption. However, the Democrats are not immune to criticism. The type of things going on these days are probably the same types of things that led to the downfall of Rome and other great empires.

  12. Maybe The White House administration should be treated like teachers, then maybe they would understand how most Americans actually live. They have to buy their own supplies, which includes $31,000 tables. If they want a new table, they can get a used one from someone down the hall and redo it to make it look presentable. $31,000 is almost more than teachers make in a year depending on where you work. Ridiculous!

  13. Old Uncle Ben is just like the entire Trump Crime Family; he is there to steal as much as he can from Americans who need to work for a living.

  14. Ben Carson is poor in spirit, the wrong person to be put in charge of HUD. He needs to go back to his day job - maybe he's better at brain surgery.

  15. Carson needs to pay out of his personal pocket the $26,000 over the $5K limit.

  16. After one of the employees In his department filed a complaint she was demoted because she wouldn’t “find money” for him to redecorate. There’s supposed to be a 5,000 limit

  17. There's a reason why those rules are in place! Just because your personal taste my not find a decent chair for under $5K it doesn't mean you can spend the tax payers money on custom furniture. Tom Price had to step down from HHS because of his travel abuse, this fool needs to go too!

  18. This entire administration is so corrupt. Nothing but cockroaches. Truly despicable what they are getting away with. Republicans would have burned down the White House if Obama did anything remotely close to this

  19. Of course! How many more examples of diva swamp cretins do we need in this administration?

  20. There should be a standard catalog that all people in government service use. Serviceable and no fancy stuff. No one needs a lavish office to do good work for constituents.

  21. Goodness. As a federal employee who sits in a 6X6 foot cube with another cube next to me on all sides, the walls are 4 ft high, this appalled me. And that's at a high level office at the Pentagon

  22. It would appear that every single administration official has just taken the job to see how much of the tax payers' money they can take.

  23. Can you imagine the republican howling, wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments if the Obamas had done something like this or if Barack Obama had gone golfing every weekend at a cost of $3 million?

  24. Just one more example of the fact that all members of this administration are out for all they can grab for themselves at the expense of the ordinary citizen taxpayers.

  25. This is just gross. I know so many people who hold this man up as man of honor and integrity when in reality, he’s just corrupt.

    "Department officials did not request approval from the House or Senate Appropriations Committees for the expenditure of $31,561, even though federal law requires congressional approval “to furnish or redecorate the office of a department head” if the cost exceeds $5,000."

    He had a woman demoted for daring to speak up and question this misuse of taxpayer funds. Shameful.

  26. You cannot expect our leaders to eat on regular tables. They’re rubbing elbows with the 1%. They have to keep up.

  27. Its too early to discuss misappropriation of Tax payer dollars...This Christian Man needed fine dining set in his office to eat his lunch off of at work.....Its too early to talk about their crimes.....He only hires the best people, remember? LOL!!!

  28. Mrs. Carson?! Who the hell does she think she is. It’s bad enough we have to support her “no experience“ husband, but to kowtow to the little misses, with hard earned taxpayer money is a crime! This is PUBLIC SERVICE, not a shopping spree at Pottery Barn!

  29. That is really reaching back to your people and bringing them along right!!!! Ben Carson you sure are a piece of work how do you think JESUS looking down on you in that big picture in your living room feels about you???? Actually you better take that picture down ASAP!!!!

  30. Secretary Ben Carson...This is so shameful. Send that dining set back!!! Taxpayers, I am sure, do not want you to spend $31,000 on a dining set for your office, as you cut services for HUD, the elderly and the poor...or at any other time. You should be ashamed of yourself...but I know you aren't. It's not YOUR money.

  31. something about him. it reminds me of how when I was very little I’d attribute personality to my stuffed animals. I don’t think he’s got anything inside.

  32. Ben Carson: "Don't make public housing too cozy for the poor." But "Thumbs up on the $31K dining room set for me!"

  33. Send it back, disgraceful , doesn't take a brain surgeon to see it looks bad.. As your people suffer in poverty.Disgraceful!

  34. How does Ben Carson square this one? His “holier than thou” time and time again speech means nothing when actions speak louder than words. My guess is because they (he and his team) thought they could, so they did. Corruption and hubris plain and simple.

  35. It's stainless steel, you know he is a surgeon, the chandelier was an operating room light and everything is sterile.

  36. This...then we have the furious Melania who apparently just found out how many millions her bestie purged from government funds for the inaugural hoopla.

  37. Because it's not about service to the country, it's about spending taxpayer money on a lavish lifestyle.

  38. SO he's yet another hypocritical spendthrift when it comes to what his wife wants? "Informal adviser"? She's his WIFE. What the hell say should she have on anything not related to their marriage?! This is his job, not her house.

  39. When Carson leaves HUD, they will deem the dining room set as surplus used furniture and he will buy it back for pennies on the dollar. Just wait...

  40. I am seeing red right now. Carson's agency is supposed to help those in need...instead their funds have been cut and he's redecorating his office for outrageous sums of money. Redecorating for each new office occupant is ridiculous and inexcusable. Use what's already in place. Do these guys have no shame??!!

  41. We are a Banana Republic, and #45 is as bad as any tin pot dictator. You would think it was satire, between the golfing, the tweeting, and the toddler-like desire for a shiny, big parade. The rest of the world is terrified.

  42. When you have the privilege of being tasked with trying to feed and house the least fortunate, it might be a good idea to think of them.

  43. HUD under the Trump administration, cutting the programs for the people it was intended to help. It's ironic they're letting HUD fail - it's going to be necessary more than ever in the post-Trump era.

  44. $31,000.00+ for a dining room set? WTH! $5,000.00 won't even buy a decent chair? Who the hell do these people think they are..... royalty or something? The average American family is living paycheck to paycheck and these (be nice Bambi) jerks are spending taxpayer monies like they think they deserve to spend whatever they want. Draining the swamp? More like overflowing the swamp.

  45. Carson commissioned a painting of himself with Jesus Christ standing behind him with his hand on Caron's shoulder. Something tells me that Christ would frown on cutting housing benefits for the poor while splurging on cutlery.

  46. These guys are just in it for their egos. Anyone who understood HUD and what it does would never do such a self absorbed thing. Carson is worthless. Always has been always will be. He should have gone to Ikea.

  47. The Prince of tacky. He had some bible verse carved over his mantle, and it has misspellings in it. Oh, and that painting of him and Jesus. Jesus.

  48. If true it would seem that such officials are extremely disconnected from Reality. Maybe a trip to the local homeless shelter and their "cafeteria" (if there is one) for lunch. Should appear unannounced for the real deal

  49. They need to remove that furniture and get a refund or sell it and reappropriate those funds. Get him a TV tray.

  50. This is the line that takes the cake:

    charging Mr. Carson’s wife, Candy Carson, with pressuring department officials to find money for the expensive redecoration of his offices, even if it meant circumventing the law.

  51. I have some IKEA dining chairs I can sell him. Bought them for $20 each, but he can have them for $20,000. After all, you can’t get a decent chair for under $5000, and these are definitely decent chairs.

  52. Amazing, we have a legalize Mafia running g out government!! Thanks to godfather Trump Inc!!! Congress is part of five Mafia families!!! I thought it was a movie!!

  53. Nothing I see on Facebook will cause me to question the ethics of Ben Carson. I have read too many of his biographies and literature to know his character. He is a servant leader who has worked hard all his life without looking for handouts or excessiveness. The media is going to find try and find a chink in the character of any good person. How about instead they try to help them accomplish some goals. Ben Carson is trying to help correct and improve the very type of environment he had to grow up in.

  54. And this is under the auspices of the ignorant, narcissistic, egomaniacal, p"""y grabbing pathological liar who wants to drain the swamp? MIDTERMS COMING

  55. This administration has an endless bank account for their own incidentals, but when it comes to the rest of us, that's where they draw the line. No accounting for transactions or transparency, the most corrupt administration ever.

  56. I would make the case that this falls under the heading of "Unnecessary Entitlements," especially if the tax payers (us, we the people) have to pay for it. Time to go bye bye Bennie....

  57. He’s cutting the fat. As he should. The article stated he did not know about the table or what it cost. Ben Carson is a hard working God fearing man. A man of high morals. He’s in charge of HUD he’s found millions in waste and fraud.

  58. What, exactly, is the purpose of a well decorated office? Does it make you work better? Does is help you make better decisions? Based on your track record thus far, apparently not. This is my money and I don't have a nice office. Should we all revolt and stop paying taxes until 'our' government learns how to be responsible with the money we work long hours to earn to pay your salaries? Do your job!

  59. It comes with the territory! I guess it’s because he doesn’t need help so he deserves this!!
    What disturbs me more is if it was done by the last administration this would be on the front page!!

  60. His wife should have kept her nose out of this. His office is none of her business, and now she has succeeded in casting shade on him.

  61. Reminds me how Trump proclaimed that its best to have wealthy people run the government!!! So beneficial to us, isn't it?

  62. djt’s cabinet crooks are spending taxpayer money like a bunch of drunken sailors!
    So easy to spend someone else’s money... ours!!
    You do not need a $31,000 dining set for your office, Mr. Carson.Slashing funding for the homeless, the elderly and the poor! Wrong, so wrong!!!
    Carson, and Pruitt MUST go!!

  63. I thought Carson was on his way out when he awarded his son that no bid contract for an enormous amount! Just seems to be no limit as to the damage this administration causes & costs!

  64. Maybe Ben Carson's plan is to invite the homeless and poor people, whose programs he slashed, to eat with him in his office on his $31,000 dining room set. Because they likely have nothing to eat and nowhere to eat it. 😢

  65. Great, take away from the homeless and then buy $31000 in office furniture. Why isn't he pushing for more funds for the homeless and those in need?

  66. This is just another example of how this admin displays their entitlement. One suggestion, get a picnic table or two, maybe a few tv trays like the people who need your common sense! Wait, I keep forgetting, people like you have NO common sense! SAD!

  67. He eats full meals with multiple guests on a frequent basis inside his office? Who does that? Does he have a kitchen, chef, prep cooks, serving staff too?

  68. The Trump administration has no ethical core. Unqualified persons are placed in important positions by an administration that does not care about the operation of government and the Senate approves them without regard to their qualifications. It seems that service is unimportant everyone seems to be on the Take. Republicans should be so ashamed - the amount of money being wasted is criminal.

  69. I am so sick of these rich appointed privaliged Republicans spending $ like it's their own when poor people are homeless...just like their leader born rich, spoiled and usually have no clue about real life issues and struggles....can't wait for the 2018 elections...good bye Rep controlled congress!

  70. There is no end to the gluttony of the people in this administration. Comical from someone who ran on “draining the swamp.”

  71. I wish he could be dropped down into the past as a slave! Then come back after his experience. Wishful thinking!