Baseball is back!

Baseball is back!

Baseball is back!

Posted by MLB Feb. 23, 2018, 7:55 p.m.

Baseball is back!

Anything can happen. 😂

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  1. Great! Now stop messing with rules, who cares if the game lasts 2.5 hours...

  2. That Javier Baez tag still has me dead to this day. I don’t even care if it was cocky, that was best tag I’ve ever seen.

  3. I’d say I’m excited but I’m a Mariners fan 😂

  4. Ladies & Gentlemen: Yankees are coming to town !

  5. Did we ever get an explanation for the ball sticking to Yadi's chest protector ?? It was either Bullfrog or an act of God

  6. Will be so excited to watch 'Freeway Series', especially Dodgers pitcher 'Ryu' vs Angels batter 'Ohtani' for Asian MLB fans.

  7. Except a passed ball on an intentional walk, but yeah pretty much anything else can happen until MLB makes up a new rule.....

  8. Everyone still hyping the Baez tag but he literally misses him until his foot touches the bag. Missed tag, missed call.

  9. Just moved to Canada 🇨🇦 and I’m already a big baseball ⚾️ fan, although I’m still trying to understand it 😂

  10. That whole licking the bat thing that Yasiel Puig started doing in the playoffs was just copying a real-life quirk of Jose Constanza to bring attention to himself.

  11. i can't wait to get rbi baseball 18 traded my madden game in for it...they really improved the game i hear on xbox from previous versions

  12. Baseball played at all levels, is by far the most fun and memory rich of all sports.

  13. Kershaw making Crawford look silly on the bunt attempt

  14. Oh joy, oh laughter, oh baseball. Gotta love it.


  16. Anything can happen except Troy Tulowitzki making it all year without going on the disabled list. 😂

  17. Another year of MLB and Cut4 slupring the Dodgers.

    Go GIANTS!!!!!!!!!

  18. No more intentional walk four pitches. Idiotsss

  19. I still never really got any context as to WHY Votto threw that ball up there.

  20. Will be at Spring training for Dodgers/Angels & Dodgers/Royals next month...!

  21. classic static electricity and not illicit substance that got that ball stuck to yadi

  22. <3 <3 <3 So happy Baseball post are back in the news feed!

  23. Olivier, pis après y vont dire qui se passe rien au baseball...! Ca sen vient !

  24. Yup anything can happen in baseball, but there's no crying!! ha ha

  25. I like many sports, but the baseball I love it !!!!!

  26. I am ready for baseball season to start again

  27. James Hobbs are you ready for a Yankees world series win

  28. Dang it Yadi, i had successfully forgotten about that hahaaa!

  29. Ready for the Astros to go back to back!!!!

  30. So the Philadelphia Phillies can win the World Series this year you're tellin me?

  31. Cassidy Smith So is baseball still a cool sport!!

  32. baseball the first love of my life. Ruben Garcia

  33. Angel Figueroa baseball is back Seattle to world series

  34. Even leaving the rules like the are by any chance?

  35. Lia Moguel baseball is BACKKKKK

  36. Jaime Mollett that dude running with the cat on the field😂😂😂 show Kev this video!!

  37. Brandon....your favorite part is at the 55 second mark

  38. Nada mejor que pegarle a la bola con fuerza,seguir tras ella hasta atraparla,o huir de ella. Baseball..siiii

  39. 김승현 anything can happen. ㄹㅇ 띵언이다 띵언..

  40. Can't wait to watch the Pirates do nothing.

  41. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks

  42. Last American bastion of Irreverence. Nothing or no one is safe or exempt. Keep up the good work.

  43. Finally something to look forward to, a nice break from the past 9 days

  44. Surely MLB can do something about Puig’s disgusting behavior

  45. Where do you get schedules and channels?

  46. So when the guy hit the ball and it got stuck in the face guard of the catcher he was considered out right?

  47. Bring back the intentional walk!!!

  48. please stop laying trash music as your background, we'd all much rather just hear the commentary than that bs

  49. That’s an out when I got stuck in the catchers mask 😂😂😂

  50. All awesome...except Molina cheating

  51. Love my Boys in Blue! So happy my Dodger baseball is back!

  52. Get on the BrewCrew Bandwagon.
    All aboard!
    Gonna be a great year in MLB.

  53. When Judge hits a slider I’ll believe “anything can happen.”

  54. Falta poco pa mandar mucho a la chingada su futbolito jaja

  55. Teddy Davis the countdown to opening day is 41 (April 4th).


  57. Everybody waiting for Yankee baseball

  58. Was waiting for the Bryce Harper helmet throw #fail

  59. You probably watched this already but this was great Josh Willis

  60. Victor Estrada It’s that time of the year! Let’s go!

  61. thank God the good sport is back

  62. Not quite to me on 1 more day of Olympic Curling yet to go

  63. Shannon Madrid at 0:07 seconds tho! Lol