At least 8 killed in shooting at Texas' Santa Fe High School, sheriff says

At least 8 killed in shooting at Texas' Santa Fe High School, sheriff says
Image from: CNN

- At least 8 people are dead, most of them students
- At least 12 people hospitalized
- The suspected shooter is in custody and believed to be a student at the school, sheriff says
- This is the 22nd school shooting in the US in 2018

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  1. Today’s shooting at ‘Santa Fe High School’ happened in Texas, America’s most gun-friendly state... And it happened despite armed security on the school campus.

    “More guns” is not the answer.

  2. I don’t know why these shootings keep happening. We’ve tried literally nothing.

  3. There is something wrong with you Americans that this keeps happening. As a society, you value gun ownership over the lives of your children. That is appalling. It is not complicated to prevent, other countries have done it, there are lots of examples. I know we are not perfect here in Canada, but mass shootings, especially in schools, are not a daily occurrence. I would like to have stricter gun controls than we do. The first school shooting should have been the last one.

  4. I will NOT vote for anyone who does not back common sense gun laws. I am beyond pi**ed. Tired of saying "thoughts and prayers" for school kids

  5. Under NRA rules, yesterday this shooter was a law abiding responsible gun owner. This morning they were an active shooter at a high school that killed innocent people

  6. Australia recently had their “worst mass shooting in 22 years”. Their death toll? 7.

    This? This is just another day here.

    Nothing to see here, folks. Just another 8 kids who’ll never grow up to vote. And that is just how the GOP likes it.


  7. Eight dead (at least). The one LifeFlighted was the resource officer. Many more injured.
    We need to get over our national obsession with guns. I am over outliving these kids.

  8. My sympathies to scared and worried gun owners who are upset by this news today. Hold your rifles close this day, and cherish your firearms before liberals don’t come and take them. 😢

  9. Houston resident here, I haven't seen a police officer on my side of town all day, it's that serious...we as a Nation need to do something, idk what...but inaction is not the answer...

  10. People are going to shoot other people no matter how strict the gun laws become. Guns are not the problem. We as human beings are the problem. Just read the comments in this thread. The people who are fighting for more gun control because they care about about the "kids" are the same people being hateful towards the people who are oppose to gun control and vice versa. People need to become more compassionate towards their neighbors and more aware of the way they treat people. Just because you're fighting a good battle doesn't mean you're fighting it the correct way.

  11. And like clockwork 3 months after the last mass shooting here we are again. A couple hours until the NRA gives their thoughts and prayers.

  12. Here comes the uncaring Dotards to mock teenaged children especially those killed and blaming it on everyone in 5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!!

  13. Another senseless mass killing that is just going to continue over and over and over. This will never change because the NRA owns the Republican Party and Congress will do nothing if it affects gun sales. Like one student said, "this is a place where we are supposed to feel safe."

  14. Send in the president!! He doesn't even need a gun as he would say to stop the shooter. Republicans and Trump are responsible for this not to mention the NRA in which is a domestic terrorist organization. Republicans will say “Prayer’s and thoughts”

  15. Here come the conservatives "Guns aren't the problem! Let's just arm all the staff and put mandatory Kevlar school uniforms into effect."

  16. Any addiction needs treating . You are addicted to guns America . Fact . And of course you won't do anything about it . Why would you . Addicts love their addiction . God help your children .

  17. Homeschooling my kids!!! That’s it!!!!! Until this country resolves the nasty political propaganda making this a continued problem no parent should send their kid to school!!!

  18. Our nation doesn't care, sadly. Just another day. Our "leaders" would rather point fingers and blame the kids. Tomorrow it'll be on to the next story, because remember everyone; there's IMPORTANT news happening right now...a wedding.😡

  19. It will continue to happen because state and federal politicians and candidates refuse to do anything more to keep it from happening and condemn those who try. MAGA Smh It's no shadow government or conspiracy. We simply have too many angry kids with too much access to weapons. Wake up.

  20. I feel so sad for these children having to deal with this, they shouldnt have to worry about getting shot at school, they should be getting an education and enjoying growing up with their friends..

  21. Hey CNN, where was your coverage the other day when the armed officer stopped the shooter from creating another massacre?? Didn’t fit your agenda huh? I’m starting to think the left gets excited when a school shooting happens cause it fits their Nazi agenda.

  22. Columbine happened 19 years ago when I was 14 years old...and here we still are today. When is this ever going to end? We need to come together as a country, put children first and take action. Everyone needs to stop being so selfish and worrying how solutions might hurt their "rights". Lives matter more. We owe it to our future.

  23. libtards will protect their cash with guns but not their kids. no wonder they support abortions on demand.

  24. "The right to bear arms" again wins over "The right to life of these kids" who just wants to go to school and learn...

  25. Still too soon to talk about gun control Twitler, Ryan, McConnell, and associated MORONS???!!!! CRAM YOUR MISERABLE THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!!!!

  26. Should have sent in Trump. Didn't he say he would run in even without a weapon? Although I'm sure his buddies at the NRA would want him to have one.

  27. And the most logical solution by our moron in chief will be.....yes...we need more guns in school. In fact kids, including those in elementary and middle school, must be better armed than these gun men. Let's give all the kids rocket launchers and RPGs...idiot! #trumptards

  28. Let me guess another white dude with a mental illness?? Or nah??
    Kids can’t go to school now, people can’t go to midnight premieres at the movies, people can’t go enjoy a night out dancing because we always gotta worry about being shot up by someone
    My condolences are with the families who won’t be seeing their loved ones tonight

  29. Parents....please teach kids about gun safety and responsibility at a young age.
    Guns will always be here. Time for us to be the teachers.
    Don't responsible

  30. At the very beginning of the incident, a substitute Art teacher pulled the fire alarm… In hopes that kids in other parts of the school would leave the school. It worked. Many children were able to get out due to his fast thinking.

    I do not know his name. But I thought he deserved a shout out!

    In the midst of tragedy, always look for the helpers.

    Kudos to you, sir!!

  31. Wow once again and nothing change my condolences to the family..
    Drunk driving u make laws.
    Driving without a seatbelts ticket
    Speeding u get ticket
    Rididng a motorcycle without a helmet u get ticket
    When will they do something about this gun control?? Let me guess when everyone is dead...

  32. My 🙏🏽❤️Lord Have Mercy. When are they going to put metal detectors or scanners in these schools. There should be one entrance with these right in front. Have some kind of codes on the doors that exit that only the teachers on those hallways knows to let children out during a time like this or something. Someone needs to come up with something.

  33. Fun Fact: The GOP has enacted more legislation to stop abortion than school shoots.

    All lives matter right?

  34. Why blame the NRA?
    Why not look at the parents? Of school shooters? Why not look to the teachers, administrators, counselors of schools? CPS... how many kids “does the system fail”?
    This is not 1 groups fault, or 2... it is a complete brkdown oh society.
    Parents... put down your phones & interact w/ your kids!
    I see SO many take their kids to park(good parents) and sit on a friggin bench on their phones... 🛑.

  35. That awkward moment when liberals find out it was a shotgun used and not an “assault rifle”...let’s hear it folk. Might as well get rid of all guns. Where were y’all at yesterday when a resource officer eliminated a shooter with no injuries

  36. We are 20 weeks in to 2018 and this is 22 Nd shooting in 2018 . From thought’s and prayers to God Bless all, vocabulary changed, actions none!
    This is really heart drenching .

  37. CNN keeps reporting that there have been 22 school shootings in the US.
    It depends on the definition of the term "school shooting", but that figure is highly inaccurate since we all know CNN coverage seeks sensationalism.
    Among those 22 is a suicide in a school that was closed for several months and others were accidental discharges. Only a third (although way too many) of them were actually intentional having occurred during school hours. Reporting on 22 "school shootings" implies that all were like the Stoneham and Santa Fe shootings, which is just another CNN manipulation that just plainly diminishes their credibility in reporting facts.
    Just like the "hands up, don't shoot" fiasco.
    CNN is society's vulture.

  38. And Kate is on international TV asking g a students personal information via phone. How old are you, what grade grade are you in and all. The kids are shaken by this and you are just so insensitive. I know you are eager for details but a miner's identity should be kept safe for now.

  39. Remember Americans the ones with the mental issues or the NRA and the GOP supported Republicans elected officials will take NRA money. They have the mental issues when tragedies happen like this in America

  40. Let's put the blame where is belongs. On the parents of this guy, on his friends or people around him who did nothing and society for probably failing him due to a condition. My guns are still in my safe and haven't fired on their own since I've owned them. It's comical where the blame is being placed.

  41. 8 people confirmed dead.

    most of them were students who were almost done with school and getting ready for summer. now they will never be able to

    will this end?! when will we finally join together to put a stop to this?

    I’m so sorry Santa Fe High School 💔

  42. Some of you people are really disgusting in your comments. To call you animals would be an insult to animals. It never cease to amaze me how low some people will go when tragedy strikes.

  43. Making guns illegal wont stop shootings, drugs are illegal too and everyone can get access to them. Steroids are illegal and people will still get them, its more about mental health here. And how everyone is “equal” despite their mental issues. Most of these school shooters have a very big red flag on them way before the shooting but in this country we have to leave them alone we dont want to offend anyone by calling them mentally handicapped. If you perform a school shooting you are clearly a lunatic who should have been locked up in a mental institute with 24/7 supervision.

  44. Have to act where congress won’t. Gun laws aren’t going to be implemented, so there needs to be metal detectors and security at multiple entrance points in every school across the country. This is the USA we live in. Inaction is NOT the answer!

  45. The simple fact is that evil exists in this world. Plain and simple. No matter what you try to do, evil people will do evil things. You as a human have a fundamental right to protect yourself from people trying to do evil to you. That is the purpose of the second amendment. On that note, the shooter also had explosive devices in the school. Even if you take away your right to protect yourself, evil people will find their way around those hurdles.

  46. I’m so sick, furious, heartbroken, disgusted, sad and wholly frustrated with the unbelievable lack of empathy and selfishness this country’s Republican’s leaders are all about. I hope they figure out, at the end of a calendar year, exactly how much money they made on each dead child and the families that were destroyed because of their deplorable greed.

  47. Its a huge cry for attention and acceptance from a bad person... and giving it to each and everyone of them. The President and all the laws will not stop this...

  48. What is wrong with these liberals always shooting up schools and then politically motivating gun control SMH 🤦‍♂️

  49. I love the people who comment justifying gun control on these threads.....fact of the matter is parents will have to bury their kids. That is unacceptable and if you don't take the time respect lost lives then you need to take a look in the mirror. Regardless of what you feel is the answer for gun control today is a sad day for so many families. My heart goes out to them.

  50. Here we go again. Another round of guns verses no guns.
    All I will say is one gun has killed multiple students and all those millions of guns failed to stop it.
    RIP to those who lost their lives and condolences to their families and friends affected. Sad day. 😢😢

  51. Chingado, when respect for their peers & elders, personal responsibility are instilled in the current youth of the US, and the disappearance of participation trophies happens, then we will see school shootings diminish and eventually disappear.

    Oh, also, the actual punishment of bullies by school officials. "No Contact Contracts" like restraining orders do not actually work. We need to suspend the bullies and fine their parents.

  52. Sad that when my baby goes to school my FIRST priority is going to be do you have metal detectors and what type of drills they have in case of an active shooter. !! Not their curriculum -a dead kid can’t learn a thing !!

  53. Let's make a new law. If you are a responsible legal gun owner & your gun ends up in the hands of someone else who uses it to illegaly kill someone, you should get a mandatory life sentence. Every single remaining day of your life should be spent behind bars until you die. If you are a responsible gun owner you should have nothing to worry about. This law would only affect irresponsible gun owners. Makes sense to me.

  54. And somehow some people will say this is a mental issue and a bullying issue. They will be offering thoughts and prayers today and tomorrow they will be insulting the kids at the school who stand up and demand change, oh those kids will soon be insulted and discredited because a couple kids across the country ate tie pods. Thoughts and prayers today but tomorrow your words won't be important and they try and keep you from voting until you're 21.

  55. My deepest thoughts and prayers to the NRA nutjobs, the gun lunatics and Trump Sheep who will have to put up with the friends and relatives of the murdered children, pleading for some control of and changes to the irrefutably perfect system we have in place, for the next few weeks.

  56. More thoughts and prayer on the way from 5he gov and those who fights for their right to carry shotguns and rifles. Keep those thoughts and prayers coming in especially from the president of this beautiful nation. You are acing your job trump keep up your good work and the federal gov too, you guys are rocking!!! Palm of applause for each of you 👌👍

  57. As a European I remember Trump at an nra convention making comments about the Paris attacks or a London hospital. Let’s say they were at least made very explicitly, should we do the same now?
    No I feel for the victims and all the people with common sense in the US #dignity

  58. I don't know when we will ever learn. We'll preach about gun control, bash the NRA, boycott the NRA, and we'll do the same thing when the next shooting happens. When will things change? What has the government done since Parkland? I wonder.

  59. Thanks again NRA and 2nd Amendment fanatics for yet another massacre of innocent people as tribute to the profits of manufacturers of weapons and ammunition while hypocritically wrapping yourself in the flag and praising the name of Jesus.

  60. Funny how this doesn’t happen in other countries. Stricter gun laws, socialist agendas, open door immigration, high taxes on the rich, and yet no kids killed in school in other countries. Sad that the right wing has such control over its followers to believe that this reality is not only normal, its worth fighting for because it can only get worse—there are no better options. And it works because people get their information from tv and web sites instead of visiting other countries, like France, Canada, Mexico, Germany, to see how much special interest and rich companies have warped our government into enslaving all of us and get us to fight amongst ourselves instead of rising up.

  61. Thoughts and prayers are with the family however American need sensible gun laws and the NRA sponsored politicians needs to recognise there is a need for change because otherwise this will happen again.

  62. Make sure cnn you make a town hall about it and get you a new “ fantastic 4” that you will parade in front of the world! Here comes the shadow ban.

  63. I'm watching it on local t.v. and authorities aren't giving out any information.

    More guns didn't stop this. More guns are not the answer.

    Where is our Governor? Worried about bathroom bills.

    Andrew White for Texas Governor. Vote Blue America!

  64. Comments like the ones on this thread are the problem. Why do people think it’s okay to speak to other human beings this way?! No one has any regard for others anymore and it is truly sickening. We wonder why kids are killing kids. Look at the models, or lack thereof, that we are providing for them. There is no empathy. No compassion. No respect. People calling complete strangers names and belittling one another on social media. It’s just disgusting! We are a repulsive nation.

  65. Time to put in a different ring of the alarm for different emergencies. National even. Fire escape procedures make people vulnerable to shooters.

  66. So no mention yesterday of where an officer shot the school shooter and saved lives but you're all over it when their are fatalities

  67. Right then Americans for the millionth time this year where was the good guy to stop him? Oh wait guns cause these issues not solve them..... ridiculous to think a country that thinks it's so progressive still bases it's laws on something written the 18th century

  68. When are we going to start addressing the ridiculous gun culture in our society with strict gun legislation and stringent background checks. Guns shouldn’t be glorified and considered cool and fun for recreational target practice. How many children have to die? Teenagers should not have access to guns. Period!