Analysis | What’s the immigration status of Melania Trump’s parents?

Analysis | What’s the immigration status of Melania Trump’s parents?
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Readers have wondered whether the president is being hypocritical.

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  1. The president is the world's best-known hypocrite and of course, an extremely rich man who gets what he wants at all costs.

  2. Not wondering, totally know he’s a big, fat hypocrite.

  3. Can everyone say "Chain Migration"!!!!

  4. Of course he’s hypocritical, need you wonder.....

  5. They've wondered? He's hypocritical about everything.

  6. She violated immigration laws (and arguably solicitation ones) so I wouldn’t put it past her parents to do the same. Anyone surprised by the hypocrite-in-chief?

  7. When is he not hypocritical?

  8. He is quick to tweet and blame others for the things he is guilty of himself.

  9. Trump being hypocritical? He would never do that!

  10. Hmmmm a las title “Chain Migration” here?

  11. Unemployed and living off taxpayer money

  12. Why is it so hard to find out their immigration status?

  13. He’s no hypocrite. He thinks white people should be able to immigrate. That is a consistent position. Brown people should not be able to. He has made that clear from the start.

  14. Its ok her parents are white so it doesn't count anyways

  15. ice if they are illegal arrest and deport them by the way taske twit trump with them