Alabama Sheriff Legally Took $750,000 Meant To Feed Inmates, Bought Beach House

Alabama Sheriff Legally Took $750,000 Meant To Feed Inmates, Bought Beach House
Image from: NPR

Alabama has a Depression-era law that allows sheriffs to "keep and retain" unspent money from jail food-provision accounts. Sheriffs across the state take excess money as personal income — and, in the event of a shortfall, are personally liable for covering the gap.

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  1. 'In a statement emailed to NPR, Entrekin said the "liberal media has began attacking me for following the letter of the law."'

    More like, people are attacking you because you're a greedy, self-serving swine.

  2. The real question we've all been wondering, why do white male politicians from the South all lack chins?

  3. Note that this is $750,000 of taxpayer money which he stole.

  4. Wait, aren’t we angry about welfare queens and people getting Medicaid? Because I know they are all buying beach houses.

  5. I’ve driven through Alabama, one to get to an airport, & once to get to Florida. That was two times too many.

  6. I went to jail for 3 days in this town for driving through with a small amount of weed 2 years ago. The inmates are locked in 8x8 windowless cells for 20 out of 24 hours. They do not get exercise. They are fed very poorly. The conditions are not humane in any sense of the word. Also most of the inmates you talk to have already made plans to go back to jail right when they get out bc it costs upwards of 5-6,000 dollars to get out of the legal system in this county after fees to the court and drug program. I had to send a money order to the drug program for an entire year, never heard from them once and when I tried to contact them about being released it took me 2 months to get them on the phone. They do not care about their inmates at all and treat them like animals and and make no attempt to reincorporate them back into society because they want them coming back. Every prisoner is more $$$ they can steal. I hope they get investigated and I will be the first to share what I saw to any prosecutors.

  7. 2$ a day to feed a grown human being? And he was able to spend less than that and save 750K? I am disgusted, Jesus Christ would be disgusted.

  8. The money was paid by taxpayers and should go back to the taxpayers. The law is antiquated and has to change. Ethically...I can't believe the Sheriff would be so greedy.

  9. So skimp on the food to pad your pockets. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. I hope some legislator fixes this.

  10. Legal doesn't make it okay - this is wrong on so many levels. This is a law that needs to be corrected and I would love to see the research done on how the money is spent in the jails and prisons. No one should be able to profit off prisoners and any money left should be rolled over to the next fiscal year.

  11. And because it's one of those blue laws he feels totally justified. Ugh is there anyone in power with an ounce of morality left?

  12. Alabama and Mississippi the only two states that make Arkansas less embarrassing! ... I’d add Florida but that’s a totally different dysfunctional beast, bless her heart.

  13. Unfortunately I lived in Alabama for a while. I have also lived and worked in several other states. Alabama has some of the dumbest people I have ever met.

  14. That has to be the stupidest law ever -it just about tells these fools to starve inmates and take the money for themselves.

  15. Also, if there is excessive jail food funds, they should automatically be sent to school food services. 😁❤️ #lunchladyland

  16. If this were a sitcom he would have to entertain over crowded prisoners at his beach house while hilarity ensues.

  17. Maybe if we had a US Attorney General who was familiar with Alabama there could be an investigation of inmates’ civil rights violations... Oh, wait, our Attorney General is from Alabama...

  18. I’m not sure how much the money works out per prisoner. But even if it was an excessive amount budgeted for food, why not put it towards something like a recidivism program or work force training? Something that would actually benefit Alabama taxpayers instead of top off an already generous salary...

  19. Is this not the most insane thing you have heard today? Change the damm law today! And fire this guy on ethical grounds today. Come on Alabama!!!

  20. Maybe AL needs to re-examine that law. I am guessing the the tax payers of AL could have used that money, and how ever much more has been used by others, for schools, the homeless, veterans and much more.

  21. Well if I were a Sheriff in Alabama I'd be serving Ramen noodles every meal. I'm mean to do anything else would be stupid right? :-) That has to be the stupidest law yet. The Sheriff's are probably more crooked than the criminals they imprison.

  22. Was the income reported on his tax return?? It is compensation only available to him having that job and the amount of compensation is directly part of his job.

  23. Alabama is is like one of the BIGGEST states of "evangelicals" theres that. Another version of GOP hypocrisy.

  24. So sheriffs can feed inmates the cheapest, unhealthy food and pocket taxpayer money. Didn't we see movies where wardens did that and made a bundle? Morally bankrupt people would do this.

  25. Well, sounds like the Federal government should send in the troops to make Alabama a military territory, and clean out this kind of legal corruption.

  26. They need to change the law! A public servant should not be responsible for a deficit (unless their is a legal issue) or collect surpluses. No wonder AL is laughed at by the rest of the country.

  27. Alabama should seize the house, but criminals always look out for one another whether they wear a suit, uniform, or anything else.

  28. Time to change some laws, folks....hold these persons responsible. You can see he had gotten FAT at the public trough!

  29. This is wrong and the law needs to be changed. And if it comes up during every campaign, then stop with the "liberal media" statements.

  30. Why doesn’t the money go to schools? They’re are the worst in the nation. No wonder. What other “public Service” job has this kind of “incentive”?

  31. This is despicable but then again it's Alabama republicans. They don't think prisoners especially the black ones should have a descent amount of food per day. I guess he needed another beach house more

  32. I'm sure many of those inmates are incarcerated for lesser crimes than what he did legally, he belongs behind bars.

  33. and he keeps saying, "i was following the letter of the law" as if the law REQUIRES him to personally profit from the fund

  34. So they have an incentive to not properly feed their inmates? That seems to me that it encourages cruel and unusual punishment. The south is a mess.

  35. I don't care what the circumstances are Alabama .....,. That just doesn't sound right regardless of how you feel about the prisoners you shouldn't use food money to buy a beach house just let me get this straight he use the unspent money from the food commissary what are you been doing starving them well that sounds like investigation in the making

  36. These Southern states are the ones that highly hold Christian values no? The rot and gangrene goes to the very bone. They probably know there is no hell so they are as sinful and unethical as they can be, politicians and other related species.

  37. Good old boys still rule in Alabama. Enjoy your beach house off the backs of others. What a horrible example. That law should have been changed years ago. Greed is a sin. Evangelicals in Alabama should be condemning him for cheating.

  38. I have no words....wait, I do; What is wrong you people? It's like leaving the rat in charge of the cheese.

  39. Read the article - the whistle blower was arrested on basically trumped up charges 4 days after he went public. We winter in Alabama and got more details from local papers. Disgraceful but typical of Alabama law enforcement/politics.

  40. People of Alabama please see that this law is done away with post haste, it reflects very badly on the whole state that you would allow this.

  41. I think the people in Alabama should look into this law! They are stealing from the State......the Sheriff took over all that money..... no wonder it is a poor State

  42. Tax payer money .... for him to buy a $740,000.00 house and all he had to do is seriously scrimp on feeding inmates....because I’m guessing the state allots money for food based on number of inmates in this creeps care....looks like stealing to me and Alabamans should be pissed that the extra funds were not put back into the state treasury.....this system encourages mistreatment of inmates so the sheriff can profit...

  43. I’m sure Alabama citizens are thrilled that their hard earned and paid taxes didn’t go to anything that actually benefited them or the public and instead went directly to the Sheriff’s pocket. Does that mean they can all go party at his houses since they helped pay for them?

  44. This is just so beyond disgusting. We all know there are children in Alabama that don't have enough to eat every day. Please don't tell me he considers himself a Christian.

  45. Why isn't someone going through these ridiculous archaic laws and why are they allowed to continue. In those days, the Sheriff's wife probably cooked the meals for the inmates! Laws need to change as times change. Jails are the responsibility of the city/county/state/federal.

  46. This is hypocritical and unacceptable. So, what garbage is he feeding the inmates, so he can spend over a million on property?

  47. The State has no Money for school teacher raises or to improve Prison conditions as mandated by the courts, but all Sheriffs are allowed to keep leftover taxpayers money.

  48. Not really surprised. I’ve eased up on my criticism of AL lately. Nonetheless, it is the most corrupt of all the states.

  49. How is this not conflict of interest? Gee I feed inmates the cheapest slightly above dog food grade filler and I pocket the difference...time to change the law!

  50. Definitely a misinterpretation of a Depression-era law and invites corruption! Maybe Alabama should mandate state or county laws that require an adequate, balanced meal each day, leaving little room for cutting corners. I can’t believe how unethical this practice and this man is! 🐷

  51. So let's see, my cousin who's been arrested and refused a bond since October for a non violent drug offense starves and isn't allowed to get out even for rehab with the family paying for rehab is stuck in Etowah county detention center so this sheriff can keep the inmate body count up so he can collect a bigger check in the end? Bs bs bs.

  52. As with most things the deciding factor of right or wrong comes down to morals and character. You, sir, are an epic failure on both counts.

  53. In Bowie County we ate fruit pies for breakfast that were one year out of date. Rancic bologna sandwiches. When the Judge came for a visit it was fresh meatloaf green beans mashed potatoes and chocolate cake.

  54. I imagine he considers himself a good Christian.

  55. I be guessing they never spent more than the budget even if prisoners starved, go to love Alabama, keeping 1864 alive!

  56. This law is legal. This is not the first Sheriff to have used it.

    It is an old law designed to supplement an income.

    It is also an impartial law. Anyone could benefit upon being successfully elected.

  57. There’s a bunch of pissed off sheriffs in Alabama because one of their own could not keep his nut under $250K and they’re now going to lose this precious benefit. He flew too close to the sun. Now he’s taking them all down in flames.

  58. I mean, if they have to pay it back if there is a shortfall, I am not sure I see the problem. Buuuuut I did not read the article. Just curious about the ethics of this.

  59. It may be "legal" but he KNEW it was UNETHICAL. That's pure, unadulterated RepubliKKKan CORRUPTION for you.

  60. Melissa Ivelisse Every part of this story makes me furious. From profiting by not feeding inmates to locking up a whistleblower on an anonymous tip on the odor of marijuana. 😤😕😤

  61. No wonder that State is so corrupt. There's nothing ethical about that even if it is legal. Alabama is backward and probably has many other laws that serve the politicians and do not serve the people

  62. Can we just let Alabama, Missouri and Arkansas not be a part of the United States?

    I swear i never hear one good story from there.

  63. Feeling sorry for people financially unable to get out of Alabama and contempt for those who stay there by choice. Aside from the Gulf Shores, it's like a third-world country across most of that pitiful state. I drive a little faster to get across and out on my way to New Orleans.

  64. And they most likely had to cheat the inmates on the amount of food they are supposed to receive or buy subpar food in order to have such a surplus. Either way, that money should go back to the county for the good of the county and the people of Alabama.