Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine's epic battle

Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine's epic battle

Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine's epic battle

Posted by ESPN Feb. 13, 2018, 2:31 p.m.

Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine put on a battle for the ages in the 2016 Slam Dunk Contest.

Relive their best dunks in slow motion:

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  1. AG definitely got robbed and everyone knows it

  2. Don't know how Gordon didn't win. He sat in air!

  3. AG dunks were so much better and more creative we all know he got robbed!

  4. Jared Pedersen Seth Edwin Moon I loved Vince Carter’s dunk contest, and Jason Richardson’s.. but this was by far the best dunk contest of all time. AG should have won too..

  5. not much of a basketball fan but how did Aaron Gordon not win.

  6. This was one of the best dunk contests and both were really good. However Aaron Gordon won that contest, he got robbed

  7. Instead of arguing who should've won, we should really appreciate how amazing these dunks look in slow mo. Zach's dunk from the free throw line was 🔥🔥👏👏

  8. Greatest dunk contest of all time. Stop with the MJ and nique this was way too far ahead in terms of creativity!

  9. The question is what direction is the contest going in? Human capability will reach it's limit so without using props dunks are going to get pretty repetitive. We've already seen the past few contests have been the same dunks with a couple wild cards. Idk how wild props can get either but in my opinion the dunk contest is gonna be dead soon

  10. Everyone will remember this as the dunk contest Aaron Gordon should’ve won. Probably best dunks since Vince Carter

  11. Dunks are so much more exciting when someone is trying to defend. That’s why the ASG has been so boring the past few years.

  12. Watching these how did AG not win this?
    His were so much more creative, lavine has like 2 or 3 that were so similar/identical

  13. Aaron I would of liked to see these 2 now and Vince back in the day these 2 may of put on the best dunk contest ever

  14. Best dunk contest of all time! Gordon was robbed!

  15. Gordon didn’t get robbed it came down to their last dunks & Lavine last dunk was better

  16. So is it really a dunk if you are two feet away from rim and you forcibly throw the ball into the hoop?

  17. Matt Siciliano Cody Andrew won't lie seeing this first Levine dunk in slomo may be one of the best...

  18. I think we’ve already seen every dunk possible now

  19. Gordon got robbed. Shaq should never judge again.

  20. Hopefully Larry Nance Jr. Replicates his father's dunk contest.

  21. That first dunk from lavine is crazy!!!!

  22. Aaron Gordon was totally robbed!

  23. Uno de los mejores slam dunk que he visto flaco Freddy a ver el de este fin de semana como se pone

  24. Way better than Jordan’s free throw line dunk.

  25. The dunk contest is a joke!

  26. MISS you Zach!!!! Loving Jimmy buckets thou🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  27. AG has more creativity but Zach Lavine dunks were Difficult that’s why he won. case closed

  28. AG had the best dunk but Lavine had more dunks worthy of 10. The right guy won.

  29. Tanner Fanning yeah Aaron Gordon got robbed

  30. This was the best one since Jordan vs Wilkins

  31. Nothing will ever beat the battle between Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson.

  32. this looks even better in slow mo. you really appreciate that everyone can’t do this

  33. 2016 Was The best Dunk Contest Everr ✊

  34. Lavine greatest dunker ever.... Then Carter then Jordan then Dominique

  35. I wish I had a vertical 😒 I wanna be like Mike lol

  36. Gordon missed too many, that's why he lost. Levine is automatic w dunks

  37. That one dunk is insane bring both legs up over the mascot and dunking

  38. Aaron is nice bit I think yall cheating Zach. Between the legs from the free throw line! Not many can do it

  39. You guys are crazy, MJ vs Wilkins dunk contest was the best of all time!

  40. And they never missed everything on first try

  41. Top 5 slam dunk contest of all time. Too bad that we never got a rematch :(

  42. Chloe Harrison my co-worker just saw this and at the end when Zach had the trophy, she was “what”?! 😂

  43. Gordon won that he got robbed is wat I remember

  44. Gordon was using the mascot to lift off of.

  45. Zach pure dunked no props no nothing. Just him and a ball.