A Phony Vote on ‘Net Neutrality’

A Phony Vote on ‘Net Neutrality’
Image from: The Wall Street Journal

Opinion: One extreme part of the anti-Trump “resistance” is outrage, including death threats, against Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai because he wants to roll back the Obama Administration’s regulation of the internet, writes The Editorial Board.

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  1. Yeah, I guess only Democrats do not want to pay more for less access than we have today. Actually, since Republicans seem dead set on destroying the country, even though they will destroy themselves in the process, I guess it does make sense. Idiots

  2. Why is the WSJ Editorial Board so purposefully obtuse?

  3. every day the Socialists lose a fraction more...

  4. Death threats? Please. Obama never cried about the most death threats received by a president. Grow the eff up - you want to be in such positions of power and screw the maximum number of people, grow a skin. To be clear I'm not at all condoning violence of any kind, just calling out the pathetic way in which these "poor" republicans play victim.

  5. The hatred by the left is on full display

  6. “Obama Administration’s Regulation of the internet”???? Nice wordplay there. Gotta hand it to you guys. You’ve got the trigger phrases nailed.

  7. "Net Neutrality" AKA "The Open Internet" is important to everyone , WSJ. Pls at least pretend to understand the subject before pontificating.

  8. You know Trump cabinet “officials” like Pruitt with his 24/7 armed security and the unknown guy here are hardly fugitives - these are PAMPERED bureaucrats (swamp) gutting the very agencies they are supposed to lead.

    Rather than respond to or even heed public feedback and concerns, they cower and flee from it. These are public officials serving themselves and abusing the public - and then having the ultimate chutzpah to attack the public unhappy with their performance

  9. Interesting choice of words. By “roll back,” do you mean, “add new, more restrictive regulations from?”

  10. The same people clamoring for removal of internet regulations also demand higher privacy protection from Facebook?

  11. All people commenting here in favor of terminating net neutrality, please tell me how you fell this will benefit you personally?

  12. There is hope yet that the internet will be treated like other utilities. Companies can't charge more for a premium service that is the same as the rest. Helps when the people running the regulating agencies are not in the pocket of the telecomm companies of course.

  13. This is the stupidest thing ever. WSJ has turned into complete garbage! Your really trying to spin net neutrality as ”regulating the internet"?

  14. Point out one negative thing about net neutrality from the consumer perspective, and then ur allowed to have this opinion. Not before.

  15. The WSJ Editorial Board hitting the bottle kinda hard today, Ya?

    When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together within a society, over the course of time they will create for themselves a legal system that authorize it and a moral code which glorifies it.

  16. No way, Another Opinion piece. More Fake news

  17. The WSJ is officially Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda.

  18. WSJ Editorial Board has all the sincerity and objectivity of Trump.

  19. By deregulate you mean open the door for more complex and obtuse regulations, right? Because what was once a very straightforward statement of how the internet would be treated will now create an onslaught of micromanaging regulations as lobbyists endeavour to get the best deal for their bosses and congress starts creating regulations to favor the companies who most line their pockets.

  20. And here's the most slanted, stupidest opinion of the day! Congrats WSJ

  21. Oh the conservative snowflakes crying in their Wheaties, again...

    Nice to see Trump out Chinese jobs before Americans when they are greasing his small palms