60-year-old snowmobiler survives four nights in Utah wilderness without food or water

60-year-old snowmobiler survives four nights in Utah wilderness without food or water
Image from: Fox News

“I wanted to lay down and just give up. You can't."

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  1. If he survived 8 years of Obama administration... there's nothing he can't do.

  2. Glad he's ok and I hope that he makes a complete recovery.
    I pretty much let someone know when, where, and for how long I'm going somewhere in a rural setting.
    I want to be found asap, because I'm not as tough as he is!

  3. Isn't there snow under a snowmobile?? And snow is made from water?? Maybe the snow in Utah is different than the snow in Michigan?? :-)

  4. Wow that would suck, he could make a few bucks that might help him out if he shares his story with the TV show "I shouldn't be alive".

  5. Even if it's your 'back yard' (so to speak), you should never go out in inclement weather without at least a plan to get back if something happens...
    glad he got lucky.

  6. You never go out in the wilderness without being prepared. Glad you survived & didn't freeze to death.

  7. The human spirit is incredibly tough when faced with survival. At this age especially, he is so lucky to have made it.

  8. Why are people making political comments about a story of a poor man who got lost but survived? This is what's wrong with our country - a lack of ability to focus. 🙄

  9. "snowmobiler survives four nights in snow... without water". er, okay.

  10. No water? You were literally snowmobiling on frozen water....SMFH

  11. His choice was between dying and going broke from the hospital bills.

  12. God bless you and hasten your recovery.

  13. If he was in the snow he has water

  14. Maybe he shoulda sold his snowmobile and bought some groceries duh! lol

  15. Hillary would of sprained her wrist and gave up, no doubt. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Was he going to the grocery store?

  17. Wait he was on a snowmobile, so there had to be snow, snow is just frozen WATER!!!!!

  18. Thankfully he was found in time.

  19. You want a real story I'm going on 3 months without pussy.lol

  20. Ty H'shem/God for taking care of this man. <3

  21. 4 days without food O boy story of the century

  22. Cadet bone spurs wouldn't have last 2 hours he would have been crying like a pathetic pussy just like he cried when little feet hurt

  23. Stay strong man...God bless you.you can do it...good luck friend.

  24. You can just lay down and give up... I'm about to. And I'm looking forward to it.

  25. Glad your ok it must of been such a helpless & alone feeling.God Bless 😊

  26. Aaahh the new challenge! Wilderness survival beats the heck outta tide pods!

  27. I cant wait to see this on one of those true story i survived TV shows!!!

  28. Can’t we have a heart and be thankful he survived

  29. No water? You may want to muster up some brainpower and fix that headline fox

  30. May you live long after the awful experience

  31. Brave hearts comes out clean no matter the circumstances


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  34. U mm I never understand how someone dies of thirst in a Snowbound situation? Eat the snow?
    Hell even eat the Yellow snow if your dying ...

  35. Help????