5 ways to stop Thanos

5 ways to stop Thanos

5 ways to stop Thanos

Posted by 9GAG May 17, 2018, 2:33 p.m.

The Avengers should have gone for these ways...

By Saruhan Saral

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  2. The best way to stop Thanos is let Dr.Strange back to the past, gives Thanos's dad a condom and says: "Save the universe!".

  3. You really think none of these were in the 14,000,605 possible outcomes Strange saw

  4. It angers me how in the movie the heroes are trying so hard to pull the gauntlet off instead of just cut off Thanos's arm 🤦

  5. You're a wizard, Strange.

    No Thanos, I'm just Strange!

    I know.

  6. I don't know but I liked thanos's idea of sustainability.

  7. Plot armor is the strongest power ever!
    Btw dumb movie!

  8. 1 of the easy way to kill Thanos
    "Ant man should go inside Thanos a**hole and become giant there"

  9. Why would Ironman blow up Starlord's head when he could have just done that to Thanos? 🤔😂

  10. Deadpool can kill Thanos in no time.

  11. Ant man would be crushed Thanos’ body. Thanos’ molecular structure is as dense as a neutron star at that moment and the only thing that really hurt him was the Stormbreaker Axe head that was forget using a neutron star.

  12. Yes yes
    Strange saw over 14 million possibilities
    And in NONE of them you honestly think he considered arm cutting, head cutting, or taking the gauntlet off?
    For crying out loud
    Keanu Reeves is obviously our only hope.

  13. Portal, doesnt work.
    His skin is extremely tough, portal wont close.
    ant man, doesnt work.
    Bones too tough, ant man wil get crushed in thanos's skull.
    Ripping off gauntlet, doenst work, one man cant do that.
    Te rest might work but still..

  14. They can kill him with a pencil in avengers 3 if the one who writes the script go for it but then they can't makes another movie to milked every drop out of this franchise before the hype for super heroes is over

  15. even how many ways we think of winning solution, we will never know if they'll truly succeed because these are still 1 of 14 million ways on how beating Thanos but still loses. We will never know truly how it will play out. hahaha

  16. Khang lmaooooo directors of Marvel should listen to this person :)) They clearly know what they're doing

  17. I really did think that Ant Man would wander around Thanos’s ears and then Thanos would get itchy 😂. It will be inconvenient to pick your ears with your glove on, so Thanos needs to take it off.

  18. Why not just Tesseract-teleport Thanos off the Asgardian ship and into a supernova? Or even better, half of Thanos.
    But noooooo. Let's do a too short left handed attack with a single small knife, decoyless and from the front, with a speech to announce it.

  19. Karl Graham so many options. ... also why r u bothering pulling the arm thing off. Just cut his arm off and go. Or perhaps just kill him while he’s in a trance... ta da villain dead.

  20. But doctor strange saw only one possibility of killing thanos ..

  21. So Spiderman and Ironman together couldn't take the gauntlet so easily when Thanos was unconscious... But somehow Captain America can do it when he is not just conscious but attacking?

  22. Captain could not have pulled the gauntlet off of his clenched fist, especially as it took a few of them to almost get it off earlier on in the movie. Also Thanos would still have beaten Captain America even without the gauntlet.

  23. Enough with all these 'what if' videos. Strange has seen 14 millions outcomes and the one we're seeing right now is the one in which they win.
    Btw, all the dead characters and half population of the universe is stuck inside the Soul stone

  24. K so what part of tactician do people not understand. 1 through 3 would never happen or ever be that easy. Hes is all about tactics not brute force. He is strong but he is also very intelligent.

  25. Are yu forgetting that he has the reality stone? If he would have used that from the beginning there wouldve been no fight between them. Thanos went easy on those guys because he had respect for tony....its just sad..

  26. @00:46 "everything you have built will..."

    Somehow it reminds me of En Sabah Nur dialogue, from X-men Apocalypse.

    "Everthing they built will FALL..!!! and from the Ashes of their World, we'll built a better one..!!"

  27. I understand the hate Starlord is getting for his reaction and substantial ruining of their plan, but what was Nebula doing that was so important that couldn't just tackle Starlord?

  28. Or they could have chopped his arm off while he was sleeping instead of trying to pry it off his arm for an hour. Or if that Starlord dude wasn't a meathead and punched him...

  29. Strange should use the time stone when thanos woke up after being hit by starlord. I think he saw the future where starlord hit and ironman survive was necessary.

  30. Prashanth lol seriously! So many ways this could have ended in just 1 movie. Unnecessarily dragging it for another part.

  31. Or Doctor Strange could make portal to anywhere in the universe and hide time stone. This way thanos couldn´t get the last two stones. The end.

  32. Ujjwal 4th one ....totally loved it! but i'm not sure whether he wiped of other species as well or just humans :p

  33. When he snapped his fingers why didn’t anybody just say “no u” and he would have disintegrated and saved half the universe.

  34. Biah Mustafa Hijab Sarmad ok maybe not the last three but i wondered about the dr strange thing too ughdjsjsb really grinds my gears

  35. Why stop him... Thanos is the best and Marvel got one of the best actors to play the character. Let him live and entertain us. :)

  36. Giovanne Barreto Neves por isso q não me dou bem com esses filmes...eu vi umas 100 formas de acabar bem e o Dr estranho viu uma em 14 milhões

  37. Even though Dr. Strange specifically stated there is only one out of 10000605 different scenarios where they win against Thanos.

  38. In the last one .. Instate of killing star lord by iron man dr strange can use the time stone and stop star lord so he wont hit thanos and weak him 😅

  39. Sergio Manel Claudia Lucia Alain Carles Lara 5 formas de no haber tenido la necesidad de hacer una pelicula más jajajajajaja La cuarta es la mejor

  40. Artur Lauro como estaram 17milhões de vezes, acho que nenhuma dessas deve ter funcionado bem né haha

  41. Steffen Werner bei Version zwei hätte antman endlich mal einen Sinn... wobei thanos gegen john wick natürlich auch fett wäre

  42. Doctor strange pouvait aussi enfermer thanos dans une boucle jusqu'à ce qu'il devienne fou et abandonne comme dans son film

  43. #2 is probably not a good idea cause thanos head might be strong enough to smash antman inside but not him... idk.......

  44. Mía Christian la 3 no me convence y no se quien es el de la 4.
    Igual, son 3 formas que pudieron funcionar 🤔

  45. Jamie Renz I'll just keep on tagging you guys, anything related to this. Haha.

  46. The one with steve rogers and thanos going at it is too impractical. I mean he has his fricking fists clinched

  47. David seeeeee? That would end my torture. You are a victim of commercialisation. #raiva

  48. Antho Tho Est ce que c etait si compliqué que ça?!?! Non! Ben voilà! Bon par contre je ne suis pas d accord avec la derniere 😆😆

  49. The best way to stop Thanos is give him a kidney stones into his own kidney, how?
    You'll find the way. 😂😂

  50. Καλά το τρίτο δε γίνεται με τπτ. Αλλά το τέταρτο ... I told you so mothafuckas, no one is messing with Keanu! Stelios Mat Giannis Karamitros Nick Nellos

  51. Juan Roberto Jorge Luis Kassandra tan easy peasy lemon squeezy como eso 🤦🏻‍♀️ (sorry for the bad words, btw)

  52. a que mais gostei foi a ultima Lili Bulhões Maria Fernanda Medeiros Caio Soares kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    chapéu de trouxa não é mais mareta, é laser agora kkkkkk

  53. Ignacio José Echeverría Iglesias Majo Motta Ü maneras muy fácil de ganarle al maldito y no dieron ese final ql !!! Sjsksjkswk 😂

  54. If they've done that, you would've had left the theater earlier.

  55. with closed fist I dont see 3 being possible

  56. Crush the gauntlet. Those are not stones but minerals. XD

  57. iron man should of blasted his head off. I totally agree with that

  58. John Wick could kill Thanos using his pencil 😂😂😂

  59. When something got stuck on your teeth..

  60. I was always wondering. Why don't they just cut of his arm.

  61. But maybe these 5 ways to stop Thanos were include in the 14,00,605 possible outcomes Strange saw

  62. Zahid Eli doctor Strange'in come and get it deyendeki ses tonu😂

  63. I didnt watch any movie of john wick, how can he beat thanos?

  64. Nadim Araf Bros 5 ways to stop Thanos ! 😂
    eigula korlei parto khamakha

  65. hey can anyone reply me who is that man with dog i want to watch that movie thanks

  66. The John Wick one got me laughing af

  67. Thanos, nonesense... Everyone knows nothing can stop Thanos.

  68. Yanislava Sashova tbh ochakvah poslednoto da se sluchi ama... :D sq sled tozi klip namrazih filma :D