3 jail officials charged in dehydration death of inmate in Milwaukee

3 jail officials charged in dehydration death of inmate in Milwaukee

Inmate Terrill Thomas died of dehydration in 2016 after being denied water for a week

Intero Articolo: CNN


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  1. I will never understand people. Your own life is worth destroying to hurt an inmate? I am glad they are being charged, I don't care how terrible that inmate was.

  2. Oh well. One less mouth to feed on the taxpayers dollar. What did he do that he was in jail!? I am sure not being given water was no where near what he did. He deserved it

  3. Very strong case for a lawsuit, charges like murder,torture, obstruction of justice,inexcusable in America...

  4. Due Process, really Trump? Are you kidding me? Due Process when it suits YOU and only YOU!!! Central Park Five????

  5. Why have a justice system or laws in place to rehabilitate the offenders if we are going to still treat them animals yet expect them to so or be better than they were when they came in? Most do turn their lives around , some never belonged there to begin with & others are in for small petty things while real perps are still on the lose or got a slap on the wrist. Those who make negative comemments without knowing the situation it could be your family one day. Jail isn't just for murders or rapist, some are in there for simple trespassing, unpaid tickets child supoort cause they lost their job etc..so guess those deserve no water too? If thru do the time for the crime then society needs to shut the hell up afterwards! Your opinion doesn't matter here its law fools! 😡

  6. It’s outrageous the lack of knowledge americans exhibit when it comes to the unjust treatment of their fellow incarcerated citizens

  7. Is this the same Milwaukee jail were they left a schizophrenic inmate locked in a scalding shower and he died?

  8. The citizens no long has to pay for him but will now pay a multi million dollar settlement to his family

  9. Old Ex-Sheriff Clarke...
    This would have never happened if Milwaukee had adhered to Anglo-American heritage involved in law enforcement.

  10. Jesus Christ even the most evil of jailers give their prisoners some food, and water. This is barbaric.

  11. Charge the man in charge, David Clarke as well.

  12. Where is Sheriff Clark’s responsibility in this? Trump pulled in this cheating liar to his staff.

  13. CNN beside praising North Korea treatment on Otto Warmbier, they should praise these jail officers too

  14. Evil is real! Who does that to another human-being

  15. They were given a paid vacation after killing someone? Screw that!

  16. This is manslaughter. They are getting off lightly .

  17. He fired shots in a casino. Who cares if he had no water. He was never going to amount to anything

  18. So it’s ok to deny him water as long as no one denies him guns, right?

  19. i wanna see these officials denied of water for the same amount of time they did to that poor inmate.

  20. Lock em up, better yet don't give them water for the week, if they die oh well.

  21. What is wrong with people? Dying that way is very painful.

  22. Why are they hiring morons in a serious field? These aren't professionals I'm glad they got charged.

  23. Someone feared for their life

  24. I hope they're charged with agravated murder.

  25. Just another log on the fire burning down the public’s trust in law enforcement

  26. You'd, even give a dog water......

  27. We clearly have alot to chat about as a society

  28. He had a sink and toilet in his cell. HIS CHOICE

  29. They weren’t dehydrated when they were committing a crime tho .

  30. Unprofessional and disgusting. They know the laws.

  31. Starve them all !!!!!!!!!

  32. Jailers - judges - executioners

  33. Someone has some splalin to do

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  35. https://youtu.be/9dUoxruCh8c

    Tell me this is how exactly fox and their supporters are lmao

  36. Who was Milwaukee's sheriff, responsible for the jail? Why, that would be David Clarke. He drew criticism for conditions in his jails. A mentally ill inmate allegedly died after being deprived of water as punishment, prosecutors said. My oh my, Clarke is an avid TRUMP supporter.

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, one of the highest-profile members of law enforcement to emerge as a vocal supporter of President Trump, resigned from his position in August 2017.