2018 Hall of Fame Game Teams Announced

2018 Hall of Fame Game Teams Announced
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Who's heading to Canton for the first preseason game of 2018?

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  1. Man it's killer that Ray Lewis got in the HoF

  2. Ray Lewis will be featured prominently in this game one would imagine. This will go over great with all the Steelers and Browns fans in this area. HAHHAHA

  3. Browns vs Lions @ Super Bowl 53. You heard it here first. Screenshot this.

  4. I guess they don't want eagles fans taking over another event/stadium

  5. bears vs ravens saved you a click

  6. The Eagles were handed the game by the refs. No, this isn’t being “salty”. It’s a fact.

  7. Just use the wrong paint again and we won't have a game

  8. I hope be my jets vs giants game in open season

  9. Its like you don't want anyone to watch.

  10. Who cares. The game isn't even guarenteed to be played.

  11. Bears v. Ravens #SavedYallAClick

  12. 6 months of off season junk.

  13. Bears Vs Ravens saved you a click.

  14. Bears vs ravens saved u a click