2018 Bahrain Grand Prix: Vettel's Onboard Pole Lap

2018 Bahrain Grand Prix: Vettel's Onboard Pole Lap
Image from: F1

Tomorrow, Sebastian Vettel starts his 200th F1 race - and he'll do it from pole in Bahrain, thanks to this scorcher of a lap 👀 🔥

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  1. Hamilton must have been in "Party Mode" .. Lewis if your wondering what those 2 red things are way off in the distance ... they a Ferraris ..

  2. Hah! Kimi was faster than Seb but Ferrari didn’t let Kimi be the first.. as always

  3. Kimi Raikonnen is the most overated driver on the grid , whenever he has a chance of beating Vettel , he bottles it.

  4. That braking point in the first corner...unbelievable 👌

  5. Well done Vettel!👌🏽👏🏼 And all these Angry people, just stop watching F1 because you don’t appreciate the sport! Hamilton’s got a difficult job tomorrow but nothing is impossible 😜 🇬🇧 #44

  6. i hope vettel doesnt win just so not to hear him shouting italian words in his accent.....sounds like that creepy art curator from ghostbusters 2

  7. A composed Vettel is capable of another 4 WDC run. Untouchable.

  8. Hoping Kimi takes both Ferrari’s out on the first turn.

  9. What is this ugly piece of plastic there??!!!

  10. Yeah, thanks Ferrari for letting Kimi into traffic on his final attempt. Cost him the pole but what's new? Ferrari is the most useless, unsportsmanlike team ever in F1 and doesn't deserve KImi. Thanks for making me lose my passion for F1, you are downright pathetic....

  11. Where's the on screen gear shift, kph, drs etc F1?

  12. Brilliant lap!
    Let's keep high focus on strategy for tomorrow: SS and medium (1 Stop) is for me the better strategy (also for controlling Lewis)

  13. Where's the "Vettel roars to pole!!!" title, like when ham gets pole, tho? A little biased, are we? that was a flawless lap. Breaking points into turns 1 and 4 were incredible

  14. Forza Seb!!!! Hope for a 1-2 twomorow

  15. Awesome lap from Seb, and Kimi as well, to put both Prancing Horses onto the front row! #ForzaSeb 🇩🇪 #ForzaIceman 🇫🇮 #ForzaFerrari 🇮🇹

  16. there is a lot of crying babies here because of the qualifying results.... no silver arrows in the front position because the red horses are quicker... this is time trial, beat the best time... no more excuses mercedes fans.....

  17. Hope he doesn't win. Smug, self centered up start. I'm not fond of Hamilton either, but at least he thanks everyone, its not just about him. I'd like to see Ricardo world champion. The last nice guy to win the championship was Button.

  18. Well done Seb! ...and also, well done ESPN. The coverage for the first round was awful, but they've resolved the major issues for round 2. I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope to see another shoey!

  19. Amazing lap, but there's a problem that halo. Realy why put that thing, why FIA doing this? The indy car series get rid easy. Shame F1 total shame.

  20. Hope Ferrari’s momentum keeps pushing the Mercedes on all the different races without mistakes. Early days 🤞🏼

  21. To get the raikonen first you would get the command to leave it alone that is formula 1 today i think ☺👍

  22. Loved the lap. Looking forward to a competitive season. Could they make the halo transparent, though? I used to use the nose to judge the line of the car from this camera angle. A bit difficult to do that, now.

  23. Impressive and flawless lap.. Especially first corner braking point 😮.. Yesterday mercedes said Ferrari was on higher engine mode, where are they ?

  24. Δυνατά ξεκίνησε και στον δευτερο αγώνα η ferrari .. Ίσως (λέμε) να είναι η χρόνια της skuderia εφέτος.. Ας περιμενουμε όμως... Είναι πολυ νωρίς για προγνωστικα... 🏁🏁

  25. Nie lubię chuja ale dobry jest... moze nawet najlepszy! Wznosi Ferrari na szczyt i podejrzewam ze tylko sos sprawił ze odszedł od red bulla!

  26. Is that "whistle" you hear at low speed the noise of the electric engine? It's the first time I hear it in an F1 onboard cam!

  27. Κeep up the momentum Scuderia Ferrari! We need this for the whole season. #VETTEL #RAIKONNEN

  28. I can’t stand the halo or the television coverage.

  29. The, qualifying session was great, I loved watching it in person at the BIC 😍♥😍

  30. I'll saying what all the Hamilton haters say whenever Lewis gets pole.


  31. Vettel can take pole, but Kimi will take the win because he is faster driver!

  32. Hamilton steering says “level 8” Attack mode.... but still cant beat FERRARI ... party mode my as$!!

  33. Lewis will storm to win tomorrow with the party mode.

  34. Great Seb & Kimi, no smile for the big baby😁😁😁😁😁

  35. Them Halos are shite, need get rid

  36. Too the Ferrari fanboys remember what happened last year? Well you should lol

  37. Vettel handles the 150hp power surges like a boss.

  38. It will be hard for anyone but Vettel to win...... crap!

  39. grande maquina diz o vettel, claro, o piloto pouco importa, a formula 1 de agora é uma VERGONHA

  40. Arriba vettel y ferrary espero otra victoria y un nuevo campeonato

  41. vamos Vettel ganar una carrera mas...asi los llorones de afuera sufren😂😂😂😎

  42. What's the wwurrrrring sound? Air hitting the Halo?

  43. Yer.. just gotta feel for Kimi... nearly all the time the fastest !

  44. Am I the only one that seen the track smoke?

  45. Немања ne sjećam se da je neko odvezao na Sakhiru za pole ovako hirurški prezicno!

  46. Ali هالصفحة رجعتني ع أيام المايكل شوماخر السنة الفيراري منافس قوي

  47. Can we get a 360° camera view like you guys did with the Mercedes cars in Melbourne...

  48. Some lap by seb 💪 ham down the order too! Hope we get a good race tomorrow guys!!!!

  49. I think Seb could of gone even faster
    Still a great lap

  50. Well done. I thought I heard the sound of the turbo spooling up among all those noises, impressed!

  51. Offer an Onboard-Mix-Channel during every weekend Session!

  52. I cant stand this bloody cnstuction over cockpit. Wtf???

  53. It's going to be even more of a scorcher tomorrow Federico Frigeni

  54. Shaban sabah behreynde gece yarishi olacag 6-7de ac bax

  55. When will start tomorow ,what time in EU

  56. Put the camera inside Haloooo!!!!!

  57. please dont show onbord camera pictures, its awful

  58. Vincenzo tutto sto motore elettrico che sembra un aereo l'anno scorso non si sentiva

  59. Que saudade dos v10 esse motor de hoje parece um liquidificador fazendo vitamina de banana😀😀😀

  60. Looks like racing recycle bin - so patetic design 😢

  61. Lets hope there are some people in the grandstand.

  62. Gori ga Ferrari na pocetku sezone 🔴
    One and Two...#ForzaFerrari Anel Karagić

  63. Hope not hope they plant em in the barriers 😁😁

  64. I love that little whine that comes when he first applies the throttle.

  65. Brenda amor, tú manejas mejor y das las vueltas estupendo!

  66. Edoardo Ferrara leggo tanti commenti che dicono che kimi è stato messo in pista di proposito nel traffico in q3

  67. Hell yeah go Ferrari !!!!!! But holly crap those FN halos suck !!!!!!!!

  68. Halo hasn’t saved anyone’s life, but it sure killed onboard cameras...

  69. headphone users.....
    there a strange whistle on the acceleration!
    is that something new?

  70. Bravo les rouges !! Et demain la victoire...mais à quand des bruits de moteurs de F1 sans ce bruit horrible ??🔥