20 Year Old Cliff Vmir Made Millions Doing Celeb Hair #BETHairStory

20 Year Old Cliff Vmir Made Millions Doing Celeb Hair #BETHairStory

20 Year Old Cliff Vmir Made Millions Doing Celeb Hair #BETHairStory

Posted by BET Feb. 26, 2018, 9:12 p.m.

20 Year-Old Cliff Vmir Made A Million Dollars Doing Cardi B and Joseline Hernandez's Hair! Check it out now! #BETHairStory

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  1. I just don't know. Where have all the real men gone😒😡😟

  2. Can you please style Venus and Serena? My God they need assistance with their tresses, their stylist needs to be fired!!

  3. I remember buying hair from him last year alomst 500 wasted ! Never got my hair every time i called them they gave me the run around blocked me on IG and never got my money back !! Had to file a dispute with my bank in order to get my money

  4. Pray that if you get old, disable, Someone would wipe your But, that is not the only thing caregivers do!

  5. What difference does it makes if it's a he or a she. IT'S ABOUT HAIR!!!!!!!!! People can be really Petty and Pathetic!!

  6. Well I'm not a "hater" I just don't see what all the hype is about. Cardi's hair has always looked awful. The only time it ever looked good was when Tokyo did her wig. But hey he has a following and good for him. He should make as much as he can.

  7. Get your money girl!! But, please try and stay humble, especially when it comes other occupation that some people chose, or have to do, especially if their not lucrative. I love the hair!!

  8. I love cliff !!! Been following him for like 3 years he really worked hard ❤️❤️

  9. I don’t even know this boy but I’m rooting for himmm 🗣🗣GET YOUR COIN SIS!!!!

  10. nurse technician and doctors don’t whip butts 😒. Just thought I’ll throw that out there. He does really good hair tho.

  11. All that HE said in the beginning wasn’t even necessary..

  12. Is that the person cardi called out for charging her a ton for just flat ironing her hair that was already straight ? 🤨

  13. Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.

  14. I think the people I look up to are those who can remain humble in the midst of their success... a lot of ppl tend to be humble on the come up, but once they arrive?! Out comes the demon!... no thanks

  15. Kudos to you for loving what you do but the working professionals (I.e. nurses, doctors) do more than just wipe butts. We save lives! And we LOVE what we do! Respect the hustle of others and remain humble!

  16. For everyone asking if he does regular people's hair yes, but you have to think about it it's harder to get a booking with a stylist who does celebrities hair because the celebrities are usually in another state at an event and they fly out to them so they're usually gone for weeks at a time so it's like a catch them if you can booking process when they are available.

  17. Some of you Ladies have some Nerve trashing this Person when Half of ya'll on this Comment section look like you got some "Chihuahua" mixed in you especially in the face...

  18. He's a beast in the hair game. Say what you want but he's very business savvy at 20. I love it. I hope he continues to be blessed with no stress.

  19. Right people on genders and sexuality I threw all that out the window and was learning about success! And how successful people can really become off simple things just from Instagram as well! But to each it’s own! Only god can judge!

  20. This man is 20 years old, a millionaire, has his own brand, his own business, taking good care of himself, teaching others, and all y’all can do is talk about him being gay? Y’all are so sad.

  21. Don't down talk about wiping butts cause you never know what's gonna happen you and your going to need somebody to wipe yours..but do what makes you happy

  22. I have nothing against anybody making them coins but, for me personally, I don't care if you male, female, or whatever as long as I get what I pay for.

  23. Shhhit, I'd be a little conceited too if I was bringing in money like that at age 20! He's calm in the video, I would have been SHOWING OUT! 💇👌

  24. I just don't have the patience to stand up in people heads all day... Ion like doing my hair for real hell

  25. Why would BET post this with the way he is downing people??? This isn't positive or motivational... Booooo..

  26. When customers order thing and pay for them..and dont recieve product..
    Sound like a scam artist me

  27. I don't got their money, do he do others, us regular working ppl, or just celebrities? Where he located

  28. Well.. He should not talk bad about people who are caregivers. But I'm glad he made it though

  29. Where are you based and do you do everyday peoples hair... Like me.

  30. “Ion even have no clothes or nothing” I LOST IT 😭😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Say what you want, but you gotta respect the hustle. Get those coins!!!

  32. Ain't Cardi B & Joseline Hernandez Beefing Tho? SHE THE OPP OPP OPP😝

  33. Devin Payte “wassup hoe?” 😭😭 exactly how i imagine meeting her is like

  34. I love your hair styles you are very good continue to be blessed and grow in what you do.

  35. Been following him since the beginning. Love his hair!

  36. Shannon Tyler I’m claiming it bro . Either him or Tae doing my hair

  37. Iown Hair this is you. Speaking it into existence. Your gift is in your hand

  38. Nobody’s saying where to buy this bundles at tho. Where do we go for premium hair?

  39. Ok good you doing well in life but you need to humble yourself because what he give he can take😏

  40. I love him he does slay that hair everytime 🙌🙌

  41. Hey Cliff you is Slayin one of the best hairstylist

  42. I need to learn how to do some hair frfr i live for him hes young and rich its to many haters on this post worrying about the wrong things like his sexuality this was about hair not his sexuality 💯 #getmoney

  43. He too cocky to be in a career that could be over in a matter of minutes but hey, do you boo. 🤷🏽

  44. Tevin Robinson this going to be you one day . I believe in you. You do so good boo.! 😍😍

  45. I know someone that’s really good her instagram is @stylesbyprincess

  46. Alvaro lmaoo this the dude i showed u

  47. Sierra Latreace this dude we was talking about the day you went to get yo hair done.

  48. We’re in the wrong profession ok I wish I knew how to do hair Jasmine Edwards

  49. We have a hypocrite in this thread ladies & gents...#JustSayin💯

  50. I wonder if Beyoncé would ever let him do her hair?🤔

  51. I love cliff I been following him since he graduated

  52. He do josline hair , he hardly looks good tho

  53. I have always preferred men hair stylist.

  54. I'd love to have my hair done my Cliff. My diy styles are sad😉😆 IM me Cliff!!

  55. do you do normal ppl hair too, i would love for you to do mines

  56. I don't send booty shots to men. So if he comes at me only talking about sex he's blocked..

  57. Get yo money you're 20 the sky is limitless just make good money moves and you will be alright❤️

  58. He used to come up my school and do a couple of the girls hair on campus

  59. Ajia Key listen to this .. marketing is everything....

  60. Tatianna Bowen this gon be you! Speaking it into existence. Ima give you a few more months boo

  61. This cliff looks so much like a female........he must be a shemale

  62. Thats a guy👀omg i had not a clue. Let me rewind this shat lol

  63. Aaliyah I thought Pop did some of Cardi styles in this vid?

  64. Shea Nelson check this out. I'm gonna beg when you get all the way on cousin

  65. Russia Hill u gone be making them millions soon too