10 Smartest Shounen Jump Characters As Picked by Japan Manga Fans

10 Smartest Shounen Jump Characters As Picked by Japan Manga Fans
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Some clever characters are missing, comment yours.

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  1. Detective conan should be number 1. If you put detective conan in deathnote easy. All crimes solve in just 1 or 2 episodes. Haha

  2. There are a lot of smart One Piece characters who are epic in pulling strings... Just randomly saying

  3. N should be no. 1, not L. L and Light both have same intelligence rate.

  4. Shakamaru?
    Itachi is much more smarter than him

  5. Ayoub I'm disappointed Hikigaya Hachiman & Lelouch aren't there .

  6. Light killed L and manipulated rem who is a shinigami. So he deserves to be ahead of L

  7. Where the fook is Aizen Sosuke?

  8. Don't forget the smartest is the author ;)

  9. Beach 🌴 please. 😂 Dr. Vegapunk, sholololol, nico robin, orochimaru, madara, kabuto, kakashi, urahara, kurotsuchi, aizen

  10. That’s BS, top three must be Dr. gero, Dr. brief, and bulma

  11. I’m disappointed that lelouch from code geass isn’t on the list.

  12. Aizen deserves a spot... and light is definitely the smartest one in my opinion

  13. Ciel Phantomhive should be on the list

  14. I think the smartest character is Johann from Monster manga.

  15. I wonder that they are still considered smart after removing their back grounds.

  16. And near from death note aizen and kisuke from bleach

  17. Um where is itachi , lelouch ?

  18. list does not contain urahara kisuke. list is invalid.

  19. Lets see here, Aizen, kisuke, kurapika,utsuro, gengai

  20. Where is this dude? THIS DUDE?

  21. Eliana Pereira só trocava o L com o kira

  22. Itachi is 10x smarter than shikamaru. -_-

  23. Shiroe of Log Horizon come on. Wei Shen

  24. Rishabh Agrawal Utkarsh Agrawal.. I already knew no. 1