10-Foot Bobbit Worm Might Be The Ocean's Scariest Predator

10-Foot Bobbit Worm Might Be The Ocean's Scariest Predator

10-Foot Bobbit Worm Might Be The Ocean's Scariest Predator

Posted by National Geographic May 17, 2018, 12:15 a.m.

The most terrifying hunter in the sea might be ... a 10-foot long worm: https://wired.trib.al/L2vyxsU (via WIRED)

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  1. Any body else think of the sand worms of Dune?

  2. Stupid fish dodges it the first time and goes back in again to make sure it was a real threat and it wasn't dodging for nothing.. 😒

  3. These mofos sneak into saltwater Aquariums as larvae in the live coral people put in saltwater tanks. Eat all the expensive fish until they’re huge and terrifying to remove 😂.

    YouTube it lol

  4. Cool to see on night Scuba dives!

  5. omg its an alaskan BULLWORM start shoving bikini bottom

  6. Reminds me of the movie series, Tremors. Kevin Bacon, do your thing!😂

  7. “In its belly, you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a…thousand years."

  8. I saw it once when I was diving at the beach... only saw a smoke of sand and the fish disappeared... Here in my country there is a weird name for this ugly animal: tamburutaca....

  9. This commenter sounds like a stereotypical 20yo gaming youtuber
    Coming from wired I was expecting higher quality commenting
    Where's David attenborough's silky old man voice when you most need him??

  10. I can't imagine these stupid fish.. they dodged it the first time and second time then the third one it dint work for them.... this shows that those were created to be fed on by that terrify dangerous sea fish.. just one question... Does it have a predator which can also eat it for real because it is so hostile

  11. A long time ago, a marine biologist probably mentioned this to a movie producer friend, and that was how Tremors got made.

  12. Cassidy Brooke I’m honestly so personally offended at the fact that it ate that fish who was just minding his own damn business

  13. That thing reminds me of those creatures in the movie, King Kong, that swallowed that guy's head and legs. Creepy. Lol🐛

  14. Fura, hogy épp ma reggelre úgy keltem, hogy rémálmom volt. A Duna vizéből egy fekete és egy fehér füst szállt fel. Majd kijött két ördög, emberszerű rusnya lény valami furcsa edénnyel amibe földet szedtek, hogy a vízbe vigyék azt. Beindítva vele a földi pokol égését, hogy elpusztítsanak minket gyarló, bűnös embereket és minden ártatlan élőlényt is. Tüzes pusztasággá téve a földet. Miközben a tehetetlen kínt és borzasztó félelmet ültette belém, ördögi nevetésével. Borzalmas rémálom volt ez!

  15. We used to pull similar things to this out of the beach sand as the tide was going out, using meat in cotton to bring their heads out of the sand.In Souf Straya we called them Bungum Worms.

  16. Why the profanity and "Oh God" in the narration? Why the pukey FM DJ style? National Geographic has backslid into mediocrity instead of being scientific and educational. Sorry to see the decline, when we could use a standard of excellence.

  17. Dear National Geographic,
    I always enjoyed watching clips that you're providing on your page, but please don't make it sound like a 3rd class horror movie. This applies to the speaker as well. Thank you! ;)

  18. Really? I wouldve thought it would be cone snail, in which on drop of 'venom' has a potency 100x more powerful than morphine. Maybe 'hunter' is the operative word here....

  19. Ahah ahahah stupid fish... Looks like he does't have any brain or memory.... Bah... Anyway I've seen ono of the most beautiful hunt's scene ever *.*

  20. OH The bobbit worm! Those are one of my favourite animals! I hate using that word but they truly look like "magical" creatures. So shiny <3

  21. Who the heck needs sci-fi movies, we just need to watch NatGeo and freak out @ the natural, crazy beautiful wonders around us!!

  22. This is the creation of God, and he showed me what created those who were without Him, but the unjust in manifest error (11)

  23. Fish-a-suicide, he/she made it the first time and just had to go right back. And ten feet long . . .I pass out over earthworms.

  24. Amy Pugliese .....kk you're going to kill me for showing you this.
    It's like an episode of stranger things.
    Luhhh you lol

  25. Spongebob: “That’s not the worm. That’s it tongue”
    Sandy: “Ohhhhh. This is the tongue and the whole thing is the....worm. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

  26. i'm not impressed that it's jaws are 'so powerful' that it can slice a fish in two. i'm more impressed with it's form and being equipped to do such a thing

  27. Luciene Luba, comé que deus n existe? de onde vem a pervenção pra criar uma porra dessas?!? a natureza sozinha n faz isso n

  28. Jasmin Schulze stell dir das vieh in einer Nummer größer vor, wie es Menschen fängt 😳 gutes Horrorfilm-Material 😅🤷🏼‍♀️

  29. A horror movie based off this creature would be INTENSE. A giant version of this..that would be terrifying

  30. Jesse Hinson we were talking about apex predators the other day but this is terrifying. The ocean is full of nightmares.

  31. well that is the stuff of nightmares

  32. I don't understand?!? This article has nothing to do with advancing women's rights much less smashing the patriarchy. Susan Goldberg promised she would transform the NG into "a force for women!" Uhh, by my count, you've only published 9 articles this month dealing with feminism. Jesus Christ, Susan: lean in a little harder! You can go back to critters once women finally earn as much as men.

  33. ...may his passing cleanse the world!

  34. While most of you freaking out, I'm like this could be an asian delicacy.

  35. I don't see Kevin Bacon there...

  36. That is no worm! That thing has to be an alien! Freaky! 👽

  37. It looks like a horror movie for fishes

  38. ok, i want one.
    I'll never get tired of watching it. like something from Alien or Predator

  39. Looks like something out of a horror movie 😱

  40. Scary to think the tables have turned and the worm is eating the fish.

  41. 10 feet? It can swallow a human being then.

  42. Gabe Morales you'll need your Bacon to fight these things, Kevin Bacon that is....

  43. Jon Dei Goon i was watching blue planet when this came on and i’m terrified

  44. Jennie Warrell guess I’m not sleeping tonight so neither are you

  45. That’s one ugly looking creature, reminds me of that giant worm in Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

  46. Jimmy sand worms exist but they’re underwater lol

  47. Ashton it looks like a demigorgon

  48. Gros faut qu'on commente ce genre d'image en vidéo Ilan Pennacino Lopez pourrait être tellement drôle

  49. Ilse Murrieta cuando juegas con el mundo y crees que no te va a pasar nada

  50. Jenna! These stupid things again!

  51. Tell me now that the movie tremors isn't real. I won't believe you. Xander Heer

  52. They look like those worms in the n latest KING KONG Movie.

  53. Aranza Luna, mira!! Parece como si lo hubieran sacado de alguna pelicula de Tim Burton

  54. Susana this is where tremors came from lol

  55. Drew Needham Nat Geo clearly over heard you talking about this the other day

  56. 😂 Kako moze da postoji nesto ovako ruzno, ljigavo, minijaturno... A prva asocijacija mi bi na 🐌 i tebe ... 😷 Jelena Todic

  57. Liz Tapler add this to your list of fears that live in the ocean

  58. Krzysiek vs matematyka. Dopowiedz sobie kim jesteś rybką czy potworem xd

  59. I saw this. My Grandson watched with me.

  60. I say the anglerfish are more shocking.

  61. Everyone else is thinking Tremors. I'm over here thinking about Star Trek 3.

  62. Shane Carlisle Heather Cole these can grow in my tank 😱😧😮 up to fucking 10ft long!!

  63. Remembers me of The Return of the Jedi

  64. And they say theres no ALIENS!!😳!!!

  65. Tremors under water addition 😮 man those things are trippy! Mother Nature is truly amazing.

  66. Good thing they're rebooting Tremors!

  67. Wasn't this on one of the Star Wars movies??