1,600 skilled workers denied UK visas

1,600 skilled workers denied UK visas
Image from: BBC News

IT specialists and engineers were offered jobs but denied visas because of a monthly limit.

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  1. Silly. Let the skilled ones in, deny the unskilled ones.

  2. How about scrap uni fees so we can train young British people to do the job

  3. The current cap allows over 50 visas a day to be granted, 1,600/month. Why aren't British schools able to graduate sufficient IT/engineers to meet existing demand?

  4. Blame those who overstay their visas for robbing availability from those who want one.

    Short term this hurts productivity, but long term with a mind to train our own workers rather than import them this will be a distant memory (hopefully like the scrapping of bursaries for technical fields)

  5. The jobs are needed now. How long it take to train British young and let them have enough experience? After brexit all will be good hahaha.

  6. Those who involved to push allow denied visa should work as IT experts with their GCSE qualifications.

  7. Is there no British IT specialists and engineers applying for these positions? Or is it just so companies can pay less?

  8. The Tory gov does not care about industry or health care, they care about themselves and their sponsors; the already rich.

  9. Hang on a minute, doesn't sound like Brexit is killing our economy as we have been led to believe - does it BBC?

  10. Nothing wrong with that, Schools are heavily pushing Computer Science and Engineering GCSE's - A Levels - HND's etc so carry pushing forward like that and we wont need to let in Skilled workers from other countries !.

  11. Immigration system is messed up in this country where unskilled from EU can get easily access but denied intelligence from Non EU😀

  12. S’okay. Though those engineers waved through seem to have trouble keeping a boat afloat just off Libya.

  13. Peoples should learn to stay and work in their own countries. Be skilled and work at home.

  14. I'll never think of going to the UK. "A self-centered country". Hate you with all my heart. To hell with your visas.

  15. "Employers know and accept that there is a need for highly skilled immigrants as do the majority of the general public." Blimey, do we really think that little of our own talented and hard-working people now?!! Ah, silly me, of course we do.

  16. The dregs of Eastern Europe have been allowed in to rob, sell drugs and beg in the streets of my town, while skilled workers willing to earn an honest wage are refused entry. There must be a hidden logic somewhere.

  17. We shudnt be letting them in anyway !!! We shud b training our own to do the jobs !!!!

  18. Maybe you should send home the criminals to give place for skilled people?

  19. if they think they will develop by doing BREXIT and denying VISA then they are wrong.

  20. that is a lot of money not being invested in the country

  21. Welcome to quotas. Descrimination against skilled, men, white etc all because you're looking to obtain the "perfect" number

  22. Nose to cut off face spite comes to mind.

  23. Very Good Move, Otherwise Indians will settle over there and it would be a big Financial Loss.

  24. And so it begins.... but we certainly took control of our borders...

  25. Why not train/educate people born in Great Britain to do these jobs?

  26. Invest in our own U.K. people! I can’t believe we don’t have the skills here in U.K. try harder!

  27. If only there was some way to school our youngsters in IT and Tech????

  28. Try Canada I hear Justin Trudeau is letting everyone in

  29. These are the people we need not the other scum who want to take take take from us so give the visas to those who have jobs waiting

  30. If they are not offered Visa........They should try Mastercard, I think that would be the best.

  31. If they were illegal immigrants, they would have been accepted in the country very easily

  32. We should be training our own...even schools used to teach basic life skills

  33. Hopefully give some youngsters a chance to get trained now

  34. Sad their is enough work in this country to employe all skill levels

  35. Ridiculous- we need these skilled people- what the Hell Is wrong with the government?

  36. Isn't bending the rules for xenophobia just one great shoot of our own country's foot?

  37. I.T. Ohhhhh. You mean the fellas who change your phone screen of unblock your iPad.....utter con

  38. It's the UK's loss to be honest.

  39. So that’s good they have strict laws.........

  40. Look 👀 to the uk 🇬🇧 people and give them the job, reduce immigration/ visa system further.

  41. That is the biggest Joke now a days for Youth, Job JOB Job .....

  42. Then make it easier for British workers to get educated to this level without incurring huge debt.

  43. Targets and tick boxes - you gotta love 'em.

  44. Yeah because we haven't got any IT workers or engineers unemployed in this country.

  45. Phantom IT specialists and engiineers

  46. Deposit fee for visa is outrageous why do they apply for job there? Better outsource it.

  47. All these people cheering this are the same people who whine about the US doing the same thing.

  48. Good its called getting ready for brexit bbc

  49. Get my squirting video,I just uploaded it. Check in my bio🎆💯

  50. Yet criminals are allowed in 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

  51. No visa is needed for Europeans.

  52. Good more jobs for British workers

  53. are there no IT specialists or engineers in all of uk to fill those jobs?